STUBBORN MAN Creeper Vargas (2/2)

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The longer I sit and wait for Neron, the sleepier I get

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The longer I sit and wait for Neron, the sleepier I get. It's nearing two in the morning now, and after spending most of the day busy, I'm ready to pass out. My mind spins with thoughts of earlier and no matter now tired I am, my body still feels hot with need for the man I love who had left me unsatisfied a half hour ago. My phone sits on the nightstand and I raise a brow as I thought crosses my mind. I pick up the cell and flip through my messages to Neron's thread while butterflies attack my stomach at the idea.

'I want you. Come back.' I type out and hit send. The oxy in my system has me feeling brave. It doesn't take long for my phone to vibrate with a reply and a smirk pulls at my lips.

'Be patient, baby. I'm coming I promise.'

"No, now. Or I'll finish what we started myself.' I bite my bottom lip as I watch the dots pop up signaling he's typing. Whatever Bishop needed him for, it must not be too serious.

'You better not.'

I shove the sheet down off of my body before slipping my free hand down my stomach between my legs where the ache will not relent. I position the phone with the camera on, my legs shifting while I snap a quick three second video, making sure everything he'd want to see is hidden underneath my hand and hit send. It takes a few moments longer than before to get a response.

'You tryin' to get me hard in front of a bunch of dudes?'

I ignore his text, having expected more of an 'I'm on my way' kind of response, and toss my phone down with a frustrated sigh. I sit up and slip from the bed, searching out a pair of jean shorts in my bag as well as an oversized Harley Davidson tee. I tuck in the front so it doesn't hang down to my thighs and slip on a pair of sandals before swinging the door open. It's obvious I'm not going to get any sleep and Neron is clearly too busy to entertain me, so I guess I'll mingle with his world.

It's much noisier outside the room and a smile pulls at my lips at the sight of all these different clubs getting along. Just with one quick look I see patches from Colorado, Texas, even Utah. I don't see any Mayans at first glance, so I head along the row of rooms in search of familiar faces.

"Well, hello there." A voice calls from my side and I turn to see a man dressed in all black with no identifying colors. I turn and raise a brow at him as he steps closer. "What a surprise you are." It's obvious he's drunk as the bottle of beer almost slips from his hands. "What's your name?" He slurs.

"Bella." I respond with an eye roll.

"Well Bella, where you headed?" As he comes to stand in front of me I can smell the liquor and cigarettes on his breath.

"To find my old man." I deadpan and he eyes me with suspicion.

"Oh come on, you don't have to lie." I glance over the stranger's shoulder and my eyes land on Coco who is still talking with the biker from Colorado. Further back I can see the familiar silhouette of Neron talking with Bishop and a few other people I can't see from here. Coco's brows pinch together as he stands from his seat on a folded out lawn chair and turns to grab Neron by the shoulder.

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