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My weekend couldn't get any worse.

Amanda had a Bug Virus we have no idea where she gotten, Adrian is using the car to go to his football practices and my dad is busy with surgeries. 

I was all alone, wandering my house when I saw a pack of Oreo's on top of the fridge, far back and I knew Adrian tried to hide it from me.

I smirked and grabbed the chair and stepped on it, but I still couldn't reach. I jumped down and got a big book and tired again, but still couldn't reach. 

How tall is this fridge? 8ft!

I groaned and frowned, staring at the pack of my favorite cookies.

It was as if I was addicted to them.

I might need to go to OAC.

Oreo Addiction Center.

I grabbed the broom behind the kitchen door and unscrewed the brush, using the pole to get the pack.

It was almost to the edge when I heard a voice.

"What are you doing?"

I screamed, the pack of cookies landing straight on my face, the broom stick tumbling down.

I stared at the broken pieces of cookies on the ground, staring up at me shaking there white heads.

'I was at piece before your hungry ass tried and eat me. And look what happened.' They screamed at me shaking there brown fist. I felt like crying. 

I turned to Amanda and she was looking at the cookies then at me. "What are you doing out of bed? I thought you were sick?" 

"I was. But I got hungry. When I saw you wasn't in your room I went downstairs."

She blinked then looked at the fridge. "Your blocking the freezer."

"What's in the freezer that you want?"

"Your too short, you won't be able to get it." She dead paned.

I glared at her and jumped off the stack of books and chair.

"Fine. While your at it Clean this mess."


I covered my ears and walked up the stairs, and into my room.

"Your phone was buzzing!" I heard her tiny voice scream.

I rolled my eyes but searched for my phone.

My room was a mess. A tornado, hurricane and tsunami went through it.

I hate cleaning my room, but then again I hate seeing mess.

Clothes were scattered on the ground, some hanging from the dresser that draws were half opened.

My homework papers were in a mess, unorganized as they sat under the desk light by my laptop I got from Tio last two Christmas ago. 

My closet- Don't get me started- Was a mess, waiting to be cleaned and my bed never made in 3 weeks.

I Started getting frustrated when I couldn't find my phone.

I crawled under my bed and moved aside bra's and shirts searching for the rectangle shit.

Once I found it I stayed under my bed and unlocked my phone.

My screen was with Amanda, Adrian and I eating cake. Amanda was in the middle, it was her 4th birthday and she had cake smashed on her nose. Adrian had cake in his hair laughing and I  was glaring at him because he scattered The chocolate cake ALL OVER MY FACE!

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