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Heyy so i thought that i should probably tell y'all what yo quirk actually is and what you can do with it and its consequences.

Quirk: Purple flames

Consequences: If you use it too much then it will start to burn you.
The burns can scar if left untreated. When using your quirk you will feel the pain of being burnt however as you have a slight immuntiy to fire, it won't hurt too much unless you go too far and overuse your quirk.
Or if you havent trained properly with it, (which you haven't done completely yet).

Benefits: Basically you can emit any shade of purple or pink flames from any part of your body.
You have a small immunity to getting burnt by any flames other than your own.
As you can't fully control your quirk it burns you when you use it, it is bearable until you start to overuse it then it gets really painful (this happens often whenever you use the flames).
Your flames are hotter than most other fires, except blue because they are really hot.
Your quirk can melt most things, there isnt really anything that can withstand your heat, unless it has this special protective chemicals put into whatever it is.
Your heat tolerance is really high.

Right now you cant fully control your quirk because you never really trained very well with it. You can do basic things like light things and create simple little shapes made out of fire. If your emotions are extreme or out of control then your flames will be too.

I also feel like i should probably let you know how old you are right now too ._.

Age: 17 years old
Name: Y/N L/N
Quirk: Purple flames (doesn't have a proper name yet you can decide that if you want)
Family: None
Occupation: Bartender, high school student
Best friend: Saya Kaiyani

This is all i can think of right now, if i come up with any other major bit of information that'll affect the storyline then I'll post another one of these updates.

Thanks so much for sticking with my story this far. I promise that'll I'll get to work with the next chapter as soon as possible    :)

Also btw the image i posted in the last chapter is what i imagine reader to look like. She had shorter hair then but in my head she has quite long black hair now with purple, pink and blue strips running through her hair.


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