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Percy was in a battlefield. In Greece, to be precise. He would never be able to forget that fight, it had been so risky and glorious. It had been months, but nightmares of what had happened still haunted him.

This version, though, takes the cake.
Unfortunately, in a bad way.

He was there, but he couldn't move. He saw the seven of the prophecy and the gods.

Frank was using his bow to take down opponents alongside Apollo, while Ares and Hazel guarded their backs. Hazel looked majesticly deadly with all the jewels she had raised from the earth below. Every single monster fell for her tricks and took the treasures. Of course, they died a painful death right away.

Jason was flying with Zeus. The image was breath-taking: thunder rumbled around them, vaporizing all the monsters who surrounded them. But the best part were them. Electricity crackled through their bodies and Percy couldn't quite decide if it was beautiful or scary. Maybe both.

Piper was in the ground with her mother. Monster after monster died in their hands, both through Piper's dagger Katoptris or through their charmspeak. Aphrodite made even the strongest of giants yield. Piper finished the beings her mother left vulnerable for her, managing on her own the rest that were around them. She told the monsters to turn against each other, fight on their side of kill themselves. She never failed.

Then there was Leo and Hephaestus. Gods, they were deadly. With Leo's tool-belt, Hephaestus' power and the wit of them both, nothing could stop them. They built machine after machine without even needing to communicate. If his father built bombs, Leo built a drone to deliver them. If his son built a machine with sounds deadly to monsters, Hephaestus built an amplifier. They might have been away from the physical fight but no one could say that they didn't help because that would be a lie.

Guarding Hephaestus and Leo were Dionysus and Demeter, who turned out to be a great team. The god of wine made vines grow from the earth endlessly and the goddess by his side combined her power to make them nearly indestructible and strong enough to bring down any enemy. Anyone who dared to approach them ended up being dragged to the middle of the vines, never to be seen again.

Then there was Artemis who, against all odds, partnered with Hermes to destroy Polibotes. Both were as agile as nobody else could be, Artemis for the hunt and Hermes for being the god of thieves. Together, they managed to trick the giant into focusing only on the fast god who was stealing from him anything he had on. Polibotes fell for the trick and was soon turning into the familiar golden dust. Maybe the fact that gods and demigods were in the same battle field counted as 'a god and demigod working together'. Either way, the giant went back to Tartarus.

The fight that took Percy's breath away every time he relived this battle, however, was Athena and Annabeth's. They were both fighting with daggers, taking down weak monsters. Were the goddess and her daughter weak? No, it was a strategy. A strategy that worked out perfectly. Just as planned, the few remaining powerful monsters searched for the reason of their army's number going down drastically. They saw everyone taking down monsters, but the ones who were killing more than anyone else were the goddess of wisdom and her daughter. How stupid did they have to be to not see a trick coming from this was unimaginable. Of course, this ended on half of the remaining monsters dying in hands of Aphrodites charmspeak, who had been commanded what to do via mind-link by Athena.

Now the final part had to come: Poseidon and Percy killing the last giant and causing the rest of the army to retreat.

This time, that did not happen.

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