Part 22

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Happy reading. 

It's been 1 week of  tej and jhanvi visited shivika's apartments.  In this week many things has changed. Shivaay has started spending more time with shavi so that he can show his love to him and shavi also started liking him little bit. On the other side some where in the tiny side of Anika's heart she also understood shivaay is the only one who can give father love to shavi as well as can become a good life partner of her.   One more thing to be noticed seerat is feeling jealous With shavi. She somewhere feeling that her mom dad loves shavi more then anything. Pinky who still don't know about anika or shavi. She is still trying his best to convince shivaay to get marry or forgive tia.bcz without tia his life is dull and drab. Which is actual a torture for him.

Shiv. Mom how many times I told u. I won't forgive that tia neither I'll bring her back. Have u forgotten what she had done with us.  She had left  her daughter  on that time when she had needed her most and u still ready to bring him back in our life.  I'm telling u last time if u again call me about this topic then I swear I'll block u. Saying this he cut the call and smashed it on the wall. 

Shiv. Fucking hell. I've to do something of this tia. She is getting on my nerves. He shout running  hand on his sweaty face.

Ani. Shivaay pani.

Shiv. Nhi pina muja. He shout jerking her head which made glass fell down and break in pieces.

Ani. Aaaaa

Shiv. Anika are u ok. He got panic to seeing blood flowing down from her hand. 

Shiv. I'm sorry I'm sorry. Out of zone i took out my all anger on u.  Come I'll do ur bandage.

Ani. Nhi I'm ok.

Shiv. U r not ok.  Look how blood is coming out  from ur finger.  Come with me. He held her hand and made her sit on the bed.

Ani. What happened why were u angry

Shiv. Nothing yar mom is forcing me to get marry Again.

Ani. Then do as she is saying. I'mean ur age is getting waste without any reasons. So get marry with someone 

Shiv. Then say yes na

Ani. Ma to wo But she stopped when she understood what he is trying to say. 

Ani.  I I

Shiv. I;,, he said with full of hope. 

Ani. I don't know I mean I'm stuck in mess which I wanna clear first then.

Shiv. Then he said happily.

Ani. Then

Shavi. Mumma

Ani. What happened meri jaan.

Shavi.  Mumma wo I wanna show u something.

Ani ..speak.

Shavi. Wo mumma this. He said passing report card to Anika. 

Anika look at school report card and smile widely to seeing his marks getting raise  in every activity.

Ani. Wow my baby getting good marks. 

Shiv.  show me.

Shavi. No my mumma seen it that's enough. I don't need to show any strangers. He snatched  paper from the Anika's hand and left from there in anger.

Shivaay got teary eyes and turned his face. 

Shiv. He still didn't forgive me.

Ani. Everything will be fine.  She About to keep her hand on his shoulder when suddenly her phone beep with load sound.  She picked up and next second phone slipped from Anika's hand when she saw message.

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