Chapter Nineteen

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"You ready to go in?" Jason asked as we sat in his truck in his driveway. We had just gotten here a few minutes ago and I made no movement whatsoever to get out of the truck.

"No." I honestly answered him. I was terrified of what Jason's friends would think of me.

Jason chuckled and turned in his seat to look at me. "You can't stay in the truck forever, Dallas. The guys are gonna love you, I promise. If I didn't think they'd like you I wouldn't have invited you."

I looked at him and he had a pleading look on his face. The way his eyes looked dreamy under the dim light in the truck made my insides turn to mush and my heart rate speed up. I made the mistake of glancing down at his lips and I nearly melted; his lips were a light pink color and they weren't too big or too small, they were perfect.

"Alright, I'll come in." I finally agreed.

"Good." He smiled and we got out the truck. I trailed behind him up to the house and nervously wrung my hands together as he unlocked the door.

There was loud arguing and laughter that came from within the house as Jason lead me inside. He sent me a reassuring smile over his shoulder and I sent him one back. We walked through the foyer and the dining room and into the family room where three boys were scattered either on the floor or the couch.

"Guys! Quiet down!" Jason yelled as I stood near the entry way.

"What for?! We're playing right now!" A blond haired guy yelled from the couch. He didn't bother turning around, he continued playing whatever video game that was currently on.

"Yeah, tell your friend Dale or whatever that he can wait." Another blond haired guy commented and kept furiously pressing the buttons on his controller.

Jason sighed and walked over to the TV where he shut off the game console. The guys protested by yelling and throwing popcorn at Jason, but he continued to stand there and glare at them. "Stop! Can you guys please let me introduce my friend, Dallas. Not Dale." He looked at the second guy who spoke up when he said that.

"Dallas?" A dark haired boy sitting on the floor spoke up. He snickered and I felt my face heat up in embarassment. "What kind of name is Dallas?"

"I don't know, ask her." Jason said and motioned for me to come over to where he was. As I walked over to Jason all four pairs of eyes snapped in my direction, making me feel like a specimen under examination.

"Wow, you're hot." The first blond guuy stated and the other three boys nodded in agreement.

"Thanks?" I asked more than stated. Just a second ago they were making fun of my name and calling me a boy, and now they were all amazed as if they never seen a girl up close before.

The fourth boy who hadn't spoken yet was sitting on a beanbag and looking at me in curiosity. "Do I know you?" He asked.

I looked at him and took in his features. His brown hair flopped over his face and he flipped it out of his view, revealing a set of green eyes. He did look somewhat familiar, but I couldn't remember where I saw him before.

"He was at football camp." Jason said to me.

I looked at the boy again and realization hit me. He was one of Jason's friends who made fun of me when I first arrived at camp and I was crying over Stephen. "Oh, now I remember him." I said.

"Wait, you're the girl who posed as her brother at camp?" The green eyed boy said.

I sighed and nodded my head. It seemed like so long ago that I was at camp trying to fit in and getting pummelled everyday. "Yeah, that was me."

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