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There's always something soothing about putting books away at the library. There's a whole alphabetical and numerical method to it, but once you get the hang of it it's as easy as picking a book from your cart and finding its correct aisle. I have most of the floors in the library memorized by now that the whole ordeal takes me as long as I want it to be.

It has been three days since we came back from the cabin. I've heard nothing from the other members, nor have I tried to reach out to anyone else aside from Diane.

And, of course, my mom.

Our talk went a lot like me and my dad's talk, except I felt number this time and I didn't cry as much.

Now we were just all waiting. Wondering who was going to speak up first, or get searched, or whatever might happen next.

"Hey, Sol." I turn to the end of the aisle, Miranda, my supervisor peeks her head over the edge, and then, slowly, a police officer walks around her. "This gentleman would like to speak with you."

I think, at one point I mentioned how it'd be interesting to get tackled by the police while I was at the library to make my life more interesting, and while this was not necessarily getting tackled, it was still a bit bizarre seeing how some thoughts do come true.

"Absolutely," I say, putting my book back on the shelf and walking towards them, "Soledad Gutierrez, at your service, sir."

He's a man somewhere in his thirties, and if it wasn't because of the circumstances, I would admit he's fairly good looking. Dark tan skin, well shaven, and with a buzz cut that suits him very well.

"Please follow me, Miss Gutierrez." There's no handcuffing or anything involved, he just begins walking and assumes I'm going to follow him, which I do.

It is true to any college campus that if there is any sort of police activity going on, then it is fair game to stare at anyone involved. In my case, it means that the more we walk through the library the more I'm getting stared at by other students.

I try to keep my chin up and walk as fearlessly as possible.

We make it to a study room, where another officer, a woman, who quite honestly seems like she could be out of school or in school with us, is waiting.

The first officer opens the door to the small study room and holds the door open for me where a small interrogation room has been set up. By set up, I do mean that the room has been left intact and I can it on one side of the table and him on the other.

As if reading my thoughts, the officer says: "Please take a seat on either side, this won't take too long."

If we were in Soviet Russia, that would have been a death threat.

That might still be a death threat.

I try not to let my mind wander and choose the side that is against the wall so he won't think I'm trying to escape or anything. Even if there is nothing more that I want to do than to run out the door and straight into my past to tell myself to turn down Carlo's offer.

"I'm Officer Salazar," He says, taking a seat in front of me. I had a thought that this was going to be a good cop bad cop ordeal, but the female police officer stays back outside, and simply stand in front of the door.

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