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By the time Lana reached her home, her mom was already gone. 

Where could she be? Was she in office? Did she know Lana got out? Or did she think Lana was dead now as the fire destroyed the asylum to ashes? What should she do now when she was out? Asked the neighbors? That was out of the question. They would send her straight to the police. So she had one thing she could do. She could look for any documents that would help her found her real mother. Speaking of mother, she still remembered how her mom used to talk about Zack and her.

"You're so grounded, Lana."

Startled, Lana turned around to see her mom who was looking at her with disappointment. Lana couldn't believe she was busted.

"But mom, we didn't do anything. Zach only took me to an ice cream shop." She whined looking at her mom with a pout. Her mom Roth Gill was a respected lawyer in New York. She sometimes didn't come home at night and Lana thought yesterday was going to be same. But she was home early and caught Lana sneaking into the house at 5.

"Oh really? Tell me which ice cream shop is open at goddamn 5 in the morning!" Her mom screamed throwing a plate on the floor which broke into pieces, forcing Lana to stagger back in shock. For a second she felt a cold fear run through her bones. Her mom never acted like this. So what happened then?

"Mom, I couldn't sleep. Zach only tried to-"

"That boy needs to stay away from you. Ever since he came to your life, he has messed it up for you. Your grades, Samara..." She trailed off where Lana could only choke on the sob rising through her throat. She didn't understand why her mom despised Zach so much. When Lana first introduced them she had found a lot of faults in him and even one time she had the audacity to frame him as someone only after money.

"Mom! You know Zach loves me. Who will want to be with me after all the hell I've been through?" Lana knew that she was lucky to have Zach. Only if her mom could see the way he was trying his best to be with her, despite all the guilt she harbored all the time. 

Suddenly her mom slumped to a stool in the kitchen. With her fingers over her temples rubbing it in a tired manner, she looked up to Lana. "I just don't want you to get hurt. A player like him tends to break a lot of hearts. I don't want my daughter's being one."

Lana wanted to laugh at her. Zach wasn't a player, if anything a complete opposite of it. He was sweet, tender and always kept her his first priority. Last night's adventure should be proof of it.

"Mom, he loves me." Lana smiled, trying not to show any doubt in her words. "He can never hurt me." 

There was a moment of peace thinking back to those times. When she was a human, not a Reaper. When she didn't crave souls in every hour. But nothing she did could ever reverse her curse. So she kept trying to find what she came there to look for. After almost wrecking down her mom's office suddenly she slumped down on the floor, already feeling that tingling down her toes. She was hungry but it was not the usual hunger for food. It was for souls. She didn't have any reaping since Danny left her in a safe house which was veiled by himself for her safety. He'd probably wrinkle his nose if he could hear her now. He didn't like her taking people's soul as much she didn't like to do that in front of him. Just as another tingle went through her bones, she winced in discomfort. 

Guess it was time for having a real dinner...


Harrison might have left the place ages ago but even now he could appreciate the solace that it gave him. That fresh smell of flowers, mud and the woodsy scent of his house still made him sigh. The one-story building surrounded with gardens like the others here had been his childhood home. This garden had been the place where he played as a kid, pranked his sister and had been exposed to a secret he had been carrying around for a long time.

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