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chases pov

what the fuck did i just do, i seriously just confessed my love for izy. argh, look at her face, she probably doesn't feel the same way. i wipe my tears and turn around starting to walk away

"WAIT CHASe!" she called out but i ignored her. "chase please" she says running up to me and grabbing my arm

"ffs izy, just leave me alone. go find diego, i'm sure he won't mind"

"you know what chase, fuck you! fuck. you. asshole" she says

"wow, you always make me look like the bad guy aye?" i question her

"what do you mean? chase, for once in your goddamn life just listen to me" she asks

"i'm sorry iz but i can't deal with this right now" i say

izys pov

"i'm sorry iz but i can't deal with this right now" he says and walks off

"but i love you chase mother fucking hudson" i whisper while tears roll down me face

i've messed up big time, i only went with diego to fix things, i wasn't going to get back with him! i love chase with my whole entire

i carry on walking to my hotel room

"omg iz, why are you crying? what's wrong?" avani asks while running up to me greeting me into a tight hug

"ugh i'm such a screw up vani" i tell her, it's the truth! i am. i always mess up my relationships because sis issa dumb hoe

"no you're not, now start from the beginning" she tells me so i start from when diego came in

15 minutes later

"and now we're here" i say with my tears staining my face

"i- wow" she says

"what do i do avani" i ask

"you need to tell chase that you have absolutely no feelings for diego and that you're in love with him" she says, i look at her confused "wait, do you like diego?" she asks

"i don't know avani, i really don't know anymore!" i tell her

"why did you and diego break up"

"everything was fine, i was in love with diego, i was head of heels in love, i planned my whole entire future with him just to be crushed, he cheated on me" i tell her

"with who?" avani asks

"desiree, he told me not to worry about her and how she was just a friend, fucking bullshit man" i say

"but you still like him?" she slowly asks

"yes, a part of me still is in love with him but the other part of me wants to move on.. with chase" i sigh

"he cheated on you, who knows if he'll do it again" avani says

"yeah i don't know, i'll think about it. i'm gonna go for a walk, thanks for everyone vani! love you heaps bbg" i say while giving avani a hug

"anytime m'girl, text if you need me" she says hugging back

i exit the hotel and walk to the beach, its only like a 10 minute walk. i go sit down on the sand and think, what am i going to do?

choose me cheating ex boyfriend that i love/loved, i don't know. i still love diego but he cheated

or choose chase, a fresh start. someone that hopefully won't cheat on me.

i really don't know. i decided to make a tiktok to the sound that goes 'choose your player' yk that one? if you don't then oh well

i put my phone against the wooden pool and started to record, i got lots of stares but i really don't care.

the tiktok was done and it went like this. when it said 'choose your player' i put chase as player 1 and diego as player 2. i wrote a description on both of them and then at the end i had chosen my player. i chose...

a/n: haha cliffhanger, who do you think izy chose? hope you enjoyed this chapter <3

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