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"Councilmen, it has come to my attention that there is a substantial risk present in operation fifty six.”

“Explain this risk, Orator, and then explain to us why we are only now becoming aware of it.”

“Preliminary testing by the conclave produced no significant potential for approaching the threshold; however, their progression seems to have become exponential rather than linear.”

"Understood. Now please elaborate on the risk."

"Nonlinear intellectual progression within the host has been shown to cause neurogenesis throughout the transformation process, test subjects could become self-manipulative, and in some cases, even… conscious.”

“A grave risk indeed. Now explain to us your… recommended… course of action.”

“Cease all advances. Negotiate. Give them the chance that they now clearly deserve.”

“That is out of the question, Orator. An exponential intellectual progression with a linear societal progression leads to utter instability. We have seen this path before.”

“Councilmen, I must implore otherwise! Allow me time to provide evidence of any sort of nonlinear societal progression… so much as a trace would be enough to avoid catastrophe!”

“We have heard enough. You are dismissed, Orator.”


“Dismissed. The operation will proceed as originally planned. Our judgment will not be rescinded; we have a reputation to uphold, remember?”

“I fear that far more than your reputation is at stake here…”

"We shall see. Council adjourn."

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