Part i - New Years Eve

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Christopher Jones was pressed against the brown lounge, with perfect posture. He was watching the television with such intensity of a cat.

I the same, pressed against the other armrest.

The lights were dimmed and we both watched the ball drop. Silently counting down with the television.




I turned to look at him and he must have been looking at me.




He was mouthing it silently to me as was I back.


We both seemed to shift closer, slowly. I'd just noticed.



He was right next to me. Pressed together. No longer were we on either side of the couch pressed against the arm rest.


'Happy New Year'

As soon as he mouthed 'Happy New Year', he pressed his lips to mine so quick I didn't realise and pulled away.

He had stood up from the couch and swiftly cleaned the coffee table and disappeared to the kitchen. It had before, been a mess with garden salad and sour dough bread and cheese.

Once he returned, he handed me a glass of milk and politely waited for me to give him back my glass to put in the sink.

I stood up from the couch and stretched.

My jeans were tight and fitted, and I wore a loose plain white shirt, something my parents frowned upon, especially since the loose white shirt was a material that was slightly see-through.

Christopher returned and I followed him without a word.

He led me to the guest room that was to the left of his parents room, his room the right of his parents room.

Christopher politely said a simple 'goodnight' as I did the same with a curt nod and smile.

That night I was dressed in my midnight blue dressing gown that was silk to the touch, and under it was a matching set of silk to the touch pajamas.

It was silly of me to wear shorts and a spaghetti string singlet to bed in winter, however, my mother didn't mind buying it as traditionally no male would see me till the day we were married in my night gear unless it was my father saying goodnight.

I stared out the window that looked over the iconic beautiful park that gave a view of lovers at night, embracing the new year ahead.

Whilst looking out the window, I subconsciously touched my fingers to my lips.

My first kiss.

It wasn't suppose to happen till twenty-three.

Why did Christopher do it?

What is wrong with Christopher?

We could be banned from our families for such crimes.

Banned from each other as friends and companions.

Although that night, I was startled to hear a knock.

I examined the clock radio in front of me and looked away from the lovers that littered the park.

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