Percy Jackson x Reader =incompatible=

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I look in the mirror one last time sighing as I brush the soft fabric that made up my dress.

"Are you sure, May?"
"Yes I'm sure Y/N!" She signals me to wait in my position as she fetches one last touch. Small bun pins with flower-like jewels on the end of them.
"I don't see why I need to be this fancy." I softly chuckle as she puts them in one-by-one careful to not ruin my already precise hairstyle.
"Are you kidding? Percy, Grover and Annabeth got back from yet another quest!"
"But they've gone on many... I don't see how this is different."
"This is they're 5th one and Dionysus' cabin decided to throw a party in their honour." She then gasped. "You're just jealous! That they've been on 5 when you've only been on 4!"

I sigh again. "No May. I'm not jealous. I hate to burst your bubble."
"Hmm. Whatever you say." She takes my hand and leads me out of the Aphrodite cabin and into the Ares cabin.
"Ew! How do you stand it in here?" I shrug. Truth is, I don't. I sneak out to hang with the others. I hate my cabin. Don't get me wrong, I love the guys it's just... they're a little intense. And insulting. I don't live up to their standards so I'm stuck by myself. I'm literally a loner. They say that with a sibling you'll never be alone. Well they couldn't be more wrong.

I pull my texting device out of my pocket. In reality it's a phone but the Hephaestus cabin likes to assume they made it all by them selves and it was all their idea.

May then tugs on my hand claiming if we're late then no one will want to dance with us and all the good food will be gone.

Quicker then I realise I'm on the ground with a small scratches on the palms of my hands and shock drawn across my face. I look up and see that I've collided with someone. Except, he's drawn blood.

"Oh my gods I'm so sorry, Y/N! I didn't see him coming." Ah, she pulled me into someone.
"Percy are you alright? Holy Hephaestus I'm sorry May!" I scan the surroundings and see a small boy looking at his, now, slightly bloody hands. Annabeth scrambling out sorry's. I dust my dress off and wipe my hands. I crawl over to Percy.
"You okay?" He nods, only a little shaken up. I take is hand and the blood travels from his hand to mine. I pull him up.

"Ew." I mumble.
"I'm sorry." His eyes travel to my now bloody hand. My eyes go wide.
"Oh no! It's not your fault, I can just wash it off." He gives me a small smile off pity.
"I can come with you, I guess I should put a band-aid on or something." I smile and nod.
"Let's go then."

I rinse my hand and the blood comes right off.
I take his hand and put it under the faucet. I lightly run my fingers over the small open wounds.
He cringes slightly but loosens up as he gets used to the feel of it.
"Should we have told Annabeth and May where we are?" I asked grabbing the band-aids. We're in his cabin considering my lovely brothers and sisters are to full of themselves to keep the medical supplies we need.
"P-probably." I nod. I've noticed something, he looks nervous. He's scared of something but I don't know what.

Then it hit me right in the face.

Is he scared of me?

He's always had bad run ins with Ares and his children and he just so happened to have bumped into me. How am I meant to show him that even I'm scared of them? I'm not one of them? Oh gosh. What do I do? Please gods, I'm not blessed with a very good mind, I was blessed with bad-ass-ness and high tempers.

"W-well... should we maybe go see them?" He replies to my query with a simple shrug. Maybe I should just tell him I'm friendly, just mention he can talk to me? Yeah. Maybe that.
I opened my mouth to speak but he cut me off,
"You look really pretty, Y/N."
That took me by surprise. I swear to gods he's dating Annabeth and I'm sure her temper wouldn't like what he just said. Well... he does seem to have a fish for a brain so he probably didn't think much of it. He jumps off the counter, to cone closer then we were before. I can't help but to look into his greeny-blue eyes. It was like home, where the waters are nice and calm, they shine under the suns soft glow and it moves elegantly along the rough seeming sand. It was only then I took in his other features. His welcoming but fierce eye shape, his clearly traced jawline. The way his hair falls in weird ways and the constant scent of sea spray in his face. He wore a button up shirt, that look like it was trying to stay tucked in but really couldn't, and dark blue jeans. His left hand resting in his left pocket and his right hand fell to his side. Small worn-in converse (tied up scruffily) were on his feet.

"I'm a sight, aren't I?" He stifles out a laugh, "I can never seem to keep my hair down."
I smile. "Well that's one of your best features, Sea-lice." He raised an eyebrow at the nickname but soon he settled into it.
"Sea-lice... I like it." We stay there for a few more minutes when he brung his hand up to my face. He looks, happy. But realisation soon comes and he feels his senses. "I-I'm sorry... I can't do this."
He backs away. But is soon hit in the back by the counter top. I step away to give him room.
"Are you okay? Do you want some water? What's wrong?" His breathing picks up its tempo and he closes his eyes.
"Y/N... can you keep a secret?" I nod only coming to realise his eyes are closed.
"Yeah." He cracks in eye open.
"I love you, okay? I love you so damn much! But I'm not supposed to! I don't know what to say except don't be you because you're to amazing and beautiful and wonderful and I think I'm dying because of it, but I can't. I'm not meant too..." I gape at his sudden outburst of feelings and mumble out a 'why'. "Because of Annabeth. That's why Y/N." He takes an action towards me and grabs the collar of my dress. He smashes his lips against mine, but after a few seconds the rough feelings on my lips leave. He wipes his lips to make sure my lipstick didn't transfer to him.
"Please... don't tell Annabeth." He breathes a unsure and shaky breath. "I'll see you at the party."
Then he walks off. Leaving me stunned. I packed up the supplies and walk out of the cabin seeing Perseus and Annabeth talking but my thoughts are soon interrupted by May,

"Your lipstick is smudged. And where'd you and Percy go? If I didn't know you I'd think you'd be making out with some slob. But you have way higher standards than that. Anyways, where'd you and Percy go?" Her quick chatter morphed into shock. "No way! No, effing, way! You didn't... Did you?" It took me a while to understand what she was hinting at but I soon go the message.
"What! No, of course not. He's dating Annabeth after all."

Okay maybe Ares gave me the power of trickery as well because after that she shrugs and takes me back to her cabin to fix my, now messy, make-up.

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