Love, Jennie

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"Jenniiieeee!! Someone's waiting for you outside to drop you off in school. Her name is Lisa, your friend!"

"Oh! Tell her to wait me in the living room Jisoo Unnie!" Jennie shouted back and grab her things in hurry. She put her diary inside the cabinet and fix her hair before she leave her room.

"You're late again" Jisoo flick her forehead when she step out of the room. "Mom will be mad!"

"She won't. She's not staying with us anymore"

"But she's looking at us from above" Jisoo said as they walk downstairs.

Lisa stood up from the couch as she saw her bestfriend coming down the stairs. From the moment she met her until now, she's still dazzling through Jennie's beauty. Her heart beats frantically again as their eyes met.

"Good morning dumpling!" Lisa greeted her, she offer for a hug which Jennie give in.

"Good morning too giant" She laugh.

"Let me carry your books"

"No. It's fine! You don't have to"

Lisa forcefully took the books from her and pinch her cheeks "When I say, I will carry it.. You need to give it to me. Did you know, according to expert.. One of the reasons why a person never grow up, it is because they're carrying too m-"

Jennie cut her off by smashing the thin book on Lisa's head "You're blabbering too much" She hissed and turn around to kiss Jisoo's cheek "Unnie, take care! We're leaving!"

Jennie walk out of the house and followed by Lisa.

"Go home after class, okay?" Jisoo shouted.

"Don't worry, I will drop her home too" Lisa assure her and close the door.

The tall girl run beside Jennie, she fix her backpack and open the gate for her. Since the school is a walking distance, they prefer to walk every morning to go to school.

"You're wasting your money and time to pick me up. You can wait me in our School's gate instead. Your home is far from our school" Jennie lecture her.

Lisa scratch her head "But I've been doing this since the day I met you. What's up with you?" She laugh and remember something "Ah wait! I have something for you"

They stop from walking, some students are riding their bicycle to get in school but some of them as well are like Jennie and Lisa who prefer to walk for daily exercise.

"What is it? Is that a gummy bears?" Jennie asked and grab Lisa's bag to see it first. The latter pull her bag and give Jennie a hand sign to stop.

"Let me take it for you" She pouted and put the books on the ground. She's smiling as she grope inside her bag "Here!"

"Woah! Gummy beaaaars! Waaaah!" Jennie throw herself to Lisa and giggle. She's staring at it, even though the latter always giving her gummy bears, she never fed up.

"You love it?" Lisa asked and pick up the books on the ground before they started to walk.

Jennie open it right away and eat a piece of bear. Lisa is just looking at her lovingly, loving the view on how Jennie munch her food. She's so inlove with her but the small girl didn't know.

Lisa flip the pages of the book to check it "You stayed up late again to do this?" She interrogate.

"Uhhm! I don't want to waste anytime" Jennie replied and took another gummy, she aim it into Lisa's mouth, indicates that she's giving her a piece of it "Open you mouth giant"

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