Another part

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Short bit today hope u enjoy. Check outthe other book I started "can't trust you/me?"

"Oh look it's the amazing massie" said a voice as I sat down on the bus next to Joe. I'd reconize that voice anywhere. Maria. She was the biggest bitch ever. Her and her possy. I grimaced and turened around

"hey Maria" I said smiling. She glared at me and started to talk to someone else. I rolled my eyes and was then attacked by Sarah. Me and Sarah had first hated each other but then we became friends.

the day seemed to go forward in fast motion. I saw old friends: lunch. Esembaly. Everything as i remebered.

as I was flying home I couldn't wait to see vio and Shawn. When I got home bio and Shawn were waitit for me. I ran into their hugs and invied then to sleep over for a movie jiht. They agreed and we setteled down. My phone buzzed and I glanced at it. Justin.

"whose that?" vio asked.

"a friend if mine" I said smiling. ~ hey justin, wassup?~

Vio shooke her head and her attention went back to the movie. But I relaized Shawn was still watching me.

b"yes Shawn?"

"oh uh nothing" I raised my eye brows at him but looked down at my phone. ~ did you leave LA today?~ ~yea y?~ ~oh jw. When will you be back.~ ~prob not for a while~ ~oh!well I have to go on stage. :) wish me luck~

I smiled and put away my phone.

The next few days were pain staking for me. Vio and Shawn were ignoring me. Then I saw somehing posted in the school newspaper. <massie sanchos has a secret identity? When massie went to LA his past week she seems to have moved away from this small school. She was caught texting one if the most famous> I diddnt have to read more I just skipped to the end <by violette and Shawn> my eyes widened and I turned around and saw them there. They smirked and walked off. The next day the news was on the town tv channels. My dad saw and he was shocked.

"I'dhis true?" he asked I nodded and told him I have no idea how they fount out. I decided later I was going to Pproach him and ask to move back to LA with my God parents. Surprisingly he agreed.

(weeks later)

{dear massie, your father has died recently Ina a car crash. Family has paid forbeverything you may or may not choose to attend the funeral. It will be on the 13 December in his home town sanfrinsisco.}

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