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Please note that while I wrote this in third person, most of the story will be in second person.


(Y/n) (L/n)

Age: 14 (вєfσяє υ.α.) 

Height: 5'6


(Y/n) is a sweet and honest person, although her quirk often times makes her very jittery and excited. The passionate girl often speaks her mind and cares for people as a habit. Because of her daring personality, she's likely to make decisions that aren't really thought through. While not necessarily making her duimb or incapable in combat, it is something she needs to work on a little. 

(ι нσρє тнιѕ wαѕ α gσσ∂ єχρℓαиαтισи σf уσυя ρєяѕσиαℓιту, нσρєfυℓℓу ιт wιℓℓ αℓѕσ ѕнσw ιи тнє α¢тυαℓ ѕтσяу.)

Parents: Alive

Siblings: None


(Y/n) is generally a lucky person, but one of the luckiest things that have happened to her so far has to be her quirk. Her quirk comes from her family, and it acts as an inheritance-type. Unlike some quirks in families where a user has their relative's quirk with small differences, quirks that were associated with nerves were passed down into her family.

It was also a consensual decision for everyone involved. For example, (M/n), (Y/n)'s mother, had all of her mother's nerve quirk(s), her grandmother's, etc. This does not include her father's side of the family, so her father was born with the quirk he has now. After making the choice to pass down previous nerve quirks, (M/n) gained the quirk she currently has. This tradition began with (M/n)'s mother's mother, so (Y/n) only has three different functions of her quirk. The reasoning for this inheritance is unknown, but there were rumors about (Y/n)'s great grandmother being involved in something dangerous. 

Nerve Pack: 

Nerve Healing (1): This is (Y/n)'s first separate function of her quirk.

☆It includes healing attributes and comes from her grandmother.

☆(Y/n) can heal small injuries, cuts, bruises, and wounds.

☆(Y/n) can only heal bigger wounds to a certain extent, as it is something she needs to work on.  

☯ This is not the quirk (Y/n) uses most often and requires heavy effort.

☯ N.H. drains her energy and makes her feel *only* negative emotions after excessive use.

☯In order to use this quirk, (Y/n) has to feel a semi-strong emotion for it to work.

✪Whether it's anger, sadness, embarrassment, love, happiness, fear, etc, as long as she feels it strongly, her healing will work efficiently.

✪Of course,  the stronger the feeling,  the more effective the healing is. If the feeling isn't strong enough, it won't work.  

✪(Y/n) is vulnerable to negative emotions after excessive use as well, and quickly can doubt and fear the people around her, easily rendering her useless and a burden in some situations.

Furthermore, (Y/n) can't use this quirk for internal bleeding, and it'd take a tremendous amount of effort to heal a broken bone. The nerve quirks always were strongly attached to emotions, so there's a small chance that in a dire situation and with strong enough feelings, (Y/n) could heal a serious injury.  [unlocked.]

Nerve Rush (2): This is (Y/n)'s second seperate function of her quirk.

❀(Y/n) manifested this quirk second, and it is her primary offense quirk. Inherited from her great grandmother, this quirk- simply put- allows (Y/n) the ability to tamper with the nerves in her body.

❀For example, (Y/n) could potentially mess with her nerves and make her unnaturally feel emotions, which is useful for her first quirk.

❀However, this takes an extreme amount of effort and energy and isn't really useful in a fight which leaves (Y/n) not using it in that way often.

இ(Y/n) could also potentially increase the strength or stamina in a specific body part through her nerves. Right now she can only do one body part at a time,  but if she works on it she'll improve, of course.

இWhen activated, (Y/n) feels her nerves pulsating and connecting with her. She most often uses this for close combat attacks, as it is difficult to use otherwise.

இA big drawback of Nerve Rush is spasms/seizures.

 -This happened to (Y/n) only once so far, in front of Katsuki; hence her nickname "Spasm".-

✾One of the smaller drawbacks of Nerve Rush is physical and emotional exhaustion.  Excessive use also causes (Y/n) to act strangely.  Whether it be "drunk" behavior,  timid behavior,  goofy behavior,  vulnerable behavior, etc, it leaves (Y/n) with these temporary feelings and actions.

 ✾While it can create funny scenarios and lift tension, it can also be deadly in an unfinished fight. It is very similar to Kaminari's drawback, although the type of behavior specifically is unknown until it happens and changes every time.

 ✾(Y/n) will definitely need to work on this in order to increase the usefulness and decrease the drawbacks.

The main drawback is the deadliest. Nerve paralysis. Although it doesn't sound too bad, there are so many ways that can go wrong. The only thing (as of now) that can combat the nerve paralysis is exercise. Much like a pins and needles sensation, (Y/n) feels a heavy urge to stop moving her limbs if she isn't paralyzed there completely and has to move that body part excessively afterward, causing a loss of stamina. [unlocked]

Nerve ??? (3): (Y/n) hasn't "unlocked" this quirk yet, so the information on it remains unknown for now. However, she is aware that she has it. [locked]

This is it for now! I hope that was a nice enough explanation. You'll understand your quirks better as time goes on! Oh and I just wanted to add that as far as dialogue goes, I'll be switching between the sub and the dub using which one I like better for the certain quotes. I'll make sure it fits together nicely, and if it doesn't, I'll stick to one. Love you guys! -Pixie

(Please also note this story is orginally on my Quotev account)

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