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"Eren, honey, you have to tell Mikasa how you feel. We know that she feels the same about you!" Her hands cupped my cheek as she planted a soft kiss on them. "Now, go on, tell her. She's waiting." Eren was now 20 years old, and the visions of his mother still haunted him and his sanity. He vowed to destroy the titans after she was killed, but soon he had come to realize that the titans weren't the only enemy after all.

The war was now over, and Ymir's curse was broken but Eren's mental and physical scars were no where near healed. He lost contact with all his friends after he said that he "always hated them." There wasn't an action that Eren didn't regret, but meeting Mikasa was the only one that he didn't.

Mikasa on the other hand was succeeding in her life, except it was an act. She really wasn't doing well at all. She had moved back to her mother and fathers old house, cleaned it well and had Armin move in with her. Never in her wildest dreams, had she imagined losing her beloved Eren, her soul.

"Come on Mikasa! We're going to get some groceries from the market!" Armin yelled from the living room. She huffed but got up anyway. Putting her fathers old jacket over her blue dress, Armin and Mikasa walked out the front door and exchanged little words.

"How have you been holding up Mika?" Armin asked, slightly dreading the question after he asked.

"I'm not sure quite honestly, I feel, incomplete, if that makes sense." Mikasa said, looking down at the path they walked, stomping on the leaves.

"Yeah, it does. I just, can't believe-" Armin was interrupted by a loud scream in the forest. "What the hell?"

"We have to go help!" Pulling out the pistol Mikasa always had in her dads jacket, she ran until she found what was going on. She hid behind a tree and saw what she didn't want to.

"Armin, it's Historia!" His eyes bulged as he began to run. "What are you doing?! Don't go yet!" She grabbed the back of his shirt collar and threw him back behind her. "After me." Inching closer to the scene, the guy was closer to penetrating his knife against Historia's throat.

"Go!" Mikasa yelled at Armin as he grabbed his pistol and shot the gun man, who was killed instantly. Historia was visibly shaking as Mikasa wrapped her dads jacket around her.

"He's gone now, he can't hurt you." She whispered to Historia who cried softly to the sleeves of the jacket.

"How did you guys find me in this ditch?" Historia asked as Mikasa helped her to walk.

"We heard you scream and found you. Who was that guy anyway?" Armin spoke up.

"I'm not sure to be quite honest with you, probably some merchant. But please, I need to get back home to my baby." Historia started to weep.

"No worries Historia! We're here to help!" Armin wrapped his arm around her in a comforting way as all three of them started to walk down the path to Historia's cabin house.

The gesture Armin made to Historia made Mikasa miss Eren more than she already did.

"Eren, please, come home."

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