Too Innocent | Arthur Fleck

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{very smutty}👀
Me and Arthur have been dating for nearly over a year now. At this point we have our good days and some of our bad days.

Me and girls were hanging out earlier on and weirdly we bought up the topic about how wild their sex lives have been.

"But seriously y/n! you and Arthur must go crazy" one of my friends, Isabelle asked

I cringed and let out a nervous laugh.

"I don't know" i said and truly I didn't know.

Yeah we made out but I've never done anything sexual which made me feel slightly bad.

Maybe he was waiting for me to make the move?

As I got home I saw Arthur laying down; I slowly crept up and scared him.

He awoke in a jump.

"Oh you!" He yelled as he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer.

"I missed you Love" he said as he kissed me, I kissed back.

"I missed you too" I said

"What's the time by the way?"

"Oh it's 3:45"

"Oh shit! My show is about is start at 4" he said as he jumped out of bed and made his way downstairs into the living room.

As I made my way to follow him I saw
him laying on the coach and his eyes glued to the TV.

I cuddle up next to him.

I placed my head on his chest and sighed. 

My hand was aching to roam around him,  but he didn't know.

I was sexually frustrated.

So I traced my finger along his torso and more down. Until he adjusted the way he was sitting.

I rubbed my hand past his crotch, that's when he lightly coughed and looked over to me.

"Love are you okay?" He asked

"Yeah" I replied

His eyes were set back into the tv, I bit my lip and lightly stroked my hand around his penis under his jeans.

Feeling it up and back down; I bit my lip as I knew his size was quite big.

"W-What are you doing?"

"I wanna give you a blow job"


"Trust me you'll love it" I sighed as I bit my lip.

"B-but I've never gotten this done before" he added

"I've never done this before but I'm sure I'll make you feel good" I smirked as I kissed him

I unbuckled his belt which caused him to lightly gasp a little; I couldn't help but to laugh.

"You're too innocent for the wrong things" I giggled

I held onto his penis and began pumping; which caused him to moan lightly.

I placed my tongue onto the tip and licked it all the down. This immediately caused him to put his head back and moan. Seeing him like this drove me crazy. I began sucking him slow.

"Oh fuck" he moaned

Slowly my speed increased which caused his breathing pace to increase.

He placed my hair like a ponytail with both his hands and lightly pushed me down. I ended up choking embarrassingly not being able to adjust his size.

A laugh escaped from his mouth.

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