Little Talks

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Jacksepticeye // inspired by 'Little Talks' by Of Monsters and Men

<word count: 644>

Waves washed up against the shoreline, dragging back the sand as it returned to the vast ocean. It splashed and pooled around my bare feet, the water flicking up and rippling with every step along the beach. The salty sea breeze ran its icy fingers between silky locks of {h/c}.

"Smile!" Jack called brightly.

The shutter of a camera sounded as I whipped my head in his direction. Caught off guard, I froze in my tracks, folded my arms over my chest and presented Jack with furrowed brows alongside a pout. "Hey!" I said. "I wasn't ready!"

However, the frown lasted just fractions of a second as I lunged at him.

Jack shrugged, shoving his mobile into his jean pocket. Unlucky for him, he made the grave mistake of looking away as he brushed back shocks of his chestnut hair.

Seizing his wrists, I tugged him towards the sea. The tide was rough. It created masses of water, pushing them to rise into waves that could swallow you whole.

Such an overcast day led to hardly any others occupying the beach. It was almost just him and I. For the time being, the sand and sea was ours.

"Come on! Come paddle!" I giggled, tugging Jack in the direction of the waters edge.

His brows shot up, eyes wide. "Fuck that! It's bloody freezing!" He protested, followed by laughter. "Ay! Lass! Look!" Jack exclaimed, snatching his wrist from my grasp to point out towards the open sea.

Like a fool, I looked at wherever he might have been gesturing to.


Jack slipped out of my hold, running up the beach, away from me. "Got y'!" He called, throwing a look over his shoulder with his tongue sticking out.

As I caught up with him, we were breathless but still laughing.

His hand caught mine, in turn lacing our fingers together. The space between us lessened as he pulled me in. A soft and sweet kiss was pressed to my forehead; his lips were chapped from the winter breeze yet I was struggling to find a reason not to thrive off of any amount of his affection despite how often it came.

Gently, he caught my jaw, tilting my head back to examine the lips he couldn't keep himself from kissing. I smiled against him, draping my arms over his shoulders.

Every year, we made certain that a trip to this very beach was organised. Preferably in the cooler months, where there would be few on the beach. That way, we could wrap up warm and stay close to preserve the heat between our bodies.

Another tender kiss on the lips, and he decided to pull away, only to take your hands and get on one knee.

That savoured memory sat in your heart, cradled in the centre, held within the warm muscle as it lulled it to sleep via a steady beat.

Like all those years ago, his hands were in mine. Only this time they were clammy, drenched in slimy anxiety sweat. There were tears dotted in my eyes, but I did not let them escape. I could not let him see me upset.

The beep of the heart monitor churned my stomach every time it sounded. At the very same time, I clung onto every pip, begging for it to keep going.

Pattering upon the window seized my attention. Rain began to pour from dark clouds hanging in the sky. I watched droplets of rain run down the glass, mimicking the tears rolling down my cheeks.

My world stopped. There was the slightest squeeze of my hand from Jack, who laid unmoving in the sickly white bed.

Beep... beep... beep... It tormented me. Plaugued my ears.

Then there was no more.

Just a single flatline.

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