chapter thirty two

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Life is good; scarily, eerily, waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop good

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Life is good; scarily, eerily, waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop good.

I woke up this morning to the feel of Tristan's stubble grazing across my skin as he brushed slow, soft kisses all the way up my spine. His lips trailed across my shoulder and up my neck, and when I rolled onto my back to pull him closer, his lips lingered on the sensitive bruise on my neck until they finally connected with mine. I could tell by his still damp curls and the fresh smell of his body wash that he had just gotten back from his early morning workout.

I could have spent the entire morning like that, lazily exploring his mouth while his hands trailed down my still naked body, stopping only to hook under my knees to pull my legs around him as he hovered above me, grinding his hips into me in a torturously slow teasing motion. I was practically panting by the time his fingers grazed across my hip bone, and I was fully expecting this to lead to him shedding his clothes and us cutting class to stay in bed like we did Monday and Wednesday morning, but when I tried to tug his sweatpants down his legs he just chuckled and pressed a final kiss to my shoulder before retreating.

The past three days have been a blissful blur, and I'm honestly still waiting to wake up and realize that all of this was some incredibly vivid dream.

On Monday night after he got out of basketball practice Tristan showed up at my apartment with a  bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates, and a freaking corsage for our dinner date. It was simultaneously the most adorable and funny thing in the world to see him slip the flower onto my wrist with such concentration, and when he finally had it secured, he stepped back to get a better look as I modeled it for him by posing with my hand on my hip.

I haven't ever worn a corsage since I skipped prom both junior and senior year, so I can't deny that it felt kind of amazing to have it on my wrist, even if it was a bit over the top for a dinner at Vinny's. His dimple popped everytime his eyes found the flower, and so I happily obliged when he requested that I keep it on after we got back from dinner and he unzipped my dress and helped me out of my underwear, leaving me in nothing but the flower bracelet as his lips explored my body.

On Tuesday I was fresh out of the shower from my shift at the diner when he called. I had just pulled on the hoodie he left for me and a pair of polka dot pajama pants when his face popped on my phone.

I was fully prepared to just hang out like we usually do on our FaceTimes, but I have a feeling that he googled best long distance dates or something, because he instantly started to explain that we were going to be pressing play on the same movie at the same time so that we could watch it together while on FaceTime. As if that wasn't already the cutest thing in the world, his dimple was the deepest I've ever seen when he told me to go check the pantry where he had stocked the same popcorn, Hershey Kisses, and sour straws that he had brought to Arizona with him because "if we eat the same snacks it's like we're really together". 

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