I'm fine [1/3]

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Author's PoV (Jin, 22..Yoongi, 21..Hoseok, 20..Namjoon,19..Jimin,18..Taehyung, 17..Jungkook, 12)

Having six brothers made it hard for Jungkook, he'll be constantly teased and ordered to do errands that were their responsibilities, but what made it worse is that they always got the attention of their parents even though he is the one doing all the chores. When one of them made a mistake, they'll only get some nagging but if Jungkook is the one who made the mistake, he'll get some beating from his dad and even doing something that a dad should never do to his son, his mom doesn't even care if her husband is r*ping his 12 years old son.. But what if the youngest got sick and they found out when he is almost dying?....

Jungkook's PoV

I was super tired because all the Hyungs made me do all of their chores...
"JUNGKOOK!!" i quickly ran to my father who shouted even though I'm tired because I don't want him punishing me again.
"Y-yes, daddy?" I said with little stutter. He looked at me and grabbed my shirt collar and slapped me making my head turn to side from the impact.
"What did you do to Taehyung, your 5 years younger than him and your like this, hurting your brother like you are the older one!" He said and I looked to the side to see Taehyung hyung smirking with at me with fake tears.

"But I di--" I said but got cut off by V hyung shouting.
"No! Look at what you did!" He said while showing a bruise that looked fake. I looked at him confused on how he got it.
"You hitted my wrist when you closed the door" He said and smirked while daddy gives me a mad look.

"You're gonna get a punishment" Daddy said giving me a scary look with a smirk.
"No, no, no.. No! Daddy! No!" I shouted but he didn't stop and carried me on his shoulders. I saw Mommy at the side giving me a blank expression, while I looked at her asking for help.
"Mommy! Help me! Daddy will hurt me!" I said and started crying.
"No, it's your fault because you hurt your brother" She said and gets the medicine kit so he could aid V hyung's fake wound.

/Time skip/(After Jungkook's punishment is done)
Jungkook's PoV

I was in the bed of Mommy and Daddy all naked after my punishment. I was silently crying trying not to wake up Daddy who was beside me sleeping. I stood up enduring the pain from my lower back and dressed up and left the room. I got inside my room and immediately slid down my door and started to sob thinking to myself.
'Why do they all hate me?'
'Why do Mommy and Daddy only love the Hyungs?'
'I'm I just a mistake, I'm I just a worthless person?'
I then felt like throwing up and quickly ran to the bathroom. I puked on the toilet while tears fell down my cheeks. After a while of puking, I stopped and wiped my mouth and saw blood making me look down seeing it full of blood.

I was worried and decided to call my friend..

"Yugyeom, can we meet up after school tomorrow?"
'Okay, but why?'
"It's just--uhm I'll tell you tomorrow"
'Okay, but have a good sleep, I know you're tired'
"O-okay, Goodnight"

After the phone call, I laid down and immediately fell asleep because I was super tired.

Next morning....

I woke up and took a shower, after taking a shower, I changed and walked downstairs to the kitchen. Arriving at the kitchen, I was greeted by all of my family members glaring at me. I just looked down and decided to leave early.
"Just don't think about it, Jungkook ah" I said to myself while walking my way to school since Mommy and Daddy doesn't want me to take buses and told me that I should be independent but they'd let the others take a bus. A bus stopped in the sidewalk and the driver told me to come in but I shake my head telling him I don't have money. He insisted and I told myself it was only just one time.

I took a seat beside the driver and told him I could have just walked.
"No, I saw you limping and you also looked tired so I decided to let you take the bus, I'll just pay for you" He said and I nodded understanding.
"But mind telling me the reason, why you are walking by yourself and the reason you are limping" He asked making me tense up but since I'm an honest person I told him.
"The reason I walk by myself is that Mommy and Daddy won't let me take a bus but they let Hyungs take a bus" I said and saw the driver getting mad.
"Want grade are you in and how old are you?" He asked.
"I'm a grade 7 student and I'm 12 turning 13 in September 1st" I said and tried to cover the bruise on my wrist but the driver still saw it.

"What happened to your wrist?" He asked while looking at my wrist since the bus stopped and people was walking outside.
"Uhmm.. Daddy held my wrist tightly while he punished me" I said looking down because tears were welling up in my eyes.
"What kind of punishment?" He asked again.
"I-I don't know what it's called but he will put his thingy in my butt and I will have this bruises on my neck" After saying that, I started sobbing.
"Can I see the bruises" He said and I showed him my neck which is full of this weird bruises. He looked at me with shocked expression and started talking.
"He did that to you!?! And what was the reason!?!" He yelled gaining the attention of the people that was still in the bus.
"Because my hyung got hurt and I didn't know if it was my fault but I saw him smirking at me while Daddy shouts at me" I said.
"I'll tell the police that your family is abusing y--" He said but I cut him off.

"No! Please don't tell the anyone even the police, I don't have anyone to take care of me when they are in jail" I said stopping him from fishing out his phone.
"Okay? I will not tell anyone but promise me you will tell someone about this if the abuse become serious" He said while I nodded.
"But si--" I was about to say when he cut me off.
"Call me Mr Ahn" He said

"Please don't tell anyone about this but I vomited blood last night"

(The part where Jungkook vomited blood is based from a true story. My friend got sick and he wasn't confined even though he should be, he didn't rest and he told us he was vomiting blood. We wanted to donate blood even though one of us is scared of hospitals, one is scared of blood and I was scared of injections, but he denied it and said its not important)

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