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Liked by jackduff, harperbageldark and 7694 others

mikeycob all I need is you and your cock

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jackduff I know, you're needy. Need you too though baby
             mikeycob Oi stop exposing or I'm going to need to punish you
             jackduff go ahead

harperbageldark god you're so much worse than me and B
                   mikeycob we all knew that

sunshinerobrtsn don't tell me you're fucking naked please, I don't need to see that, I'm good with seeing harv
                    mikeycob we're good mate

AFovvs still don't know what pg is huh? And I know me and Rye are worse so shush
            mikeycob what's that

livarockdark do yous ever do anything other than fuck?
                  jackduff yeah. Sleeping. We do alot of that aswell


I'm in the process of writing a smut chapter buts it's actually pretty difficult. I want to promise you'll get one but I dunno.

Hope you enjoyed this kinky af chapter 😂

Insta ~ @callipo.brook

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