Chapter 53: One Way Or Another

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'Is this the right address?'

Ryn glanced briefly at the photo in her hands, before confirming Kiley's question.

'Looks like it,' she nodded, making sure their emergency Talkie was still perfectly concealed, tucked safely away in her inner coat pocket.

With hands on his hips, Colt regarded the property in front of the three of them. She could see the wary expression wavering behind his narrowed eyes, not yet making a move.

His caution was understandable.

Aderyn knew very well that the man they were about to see had every chance to be the Silver Scorpion, himself, and walking onto the property of that maniac was not something she'd want to do without at least a few minutes of forethought to prepare herself.

The team had spent majority of yesterday organising themselves for this. There had been an agonisingly lengthy debate over who would go after which suspect, but groups had eventually been decided.

Colt, Kiley and Ryn had gone after the retiree, Eugene Allen, whilst Jackson, Jasper and Toni headed off to the City Library in search of Adam Blanche. Conveniently, Quentin already knew Emma Patton, as the woman happened to be her chemistry teacher, so she, Elizabeth and Elliot had all gone back to the girl's school, undercover, to see what they could find.

Darcy, much to his displeasure, had been left back at the Base. Though it had already been two days since his... accident, his mind had clearly not recovered enough, despite his fervent attempts to prove otherwise. In fact, most of those attempts had backfired, such as the time when he'd chased his partner around as one of the dining chairs, only to fall up the staircase trying to follow her to their room.

It was one of the most peculiar things Ryn had ever born witness to, and she sincerely hoped she never saw a repeat performance.

However; one thing that Darcy had contributed to the operation, was their undercover identities. Apparently, they'd opted for a similar plan on Monday evening, during their visit with Mr Benjamin, and it'd worked well enough to keep suspicion at bay.

And in a situation such as this, suspicion was the last thing they wanted to raise.

'Keep your guards up,' Colt warned, as he led his two teammates down the short, pebbled drive.

The house, located on the very boarder of The Lights West, where the city met the forested Valley walls, largely resembled a hunting cabin; with its log-like wooden walls, and peaked rooftop, Ryn couldn't help but make the comparison.

A steady stream of smoke spilled from the chimney at the back of the house, complimenting the scene before them. She'd never seen a fully-functioning fire place, before, as they'd been out of common use for a good four decades by the time she was born, and the sight of the smoke rather startled her, as she imagined a miniature version of Monday's school fire burning within the comforts of someone's loungeroom.

It would have struck her as odd, that they'd lit a fire in the middle of Spring, too, but the whole team had been in for a bit of a shock, earlier this morning, when they'd stepped outside to discover how much the temperature had dropped. Even now, half way through to the afternoon...the sun was still shining, high over-head, and yet the air seemed to be absorbing none of its warmth. A sudden, delayed cold-snap, the radio had said.

She hadn't yet needed to wear a jacket since she'd arrived in The Lights of the past, and she soon discovered just how frustrating it was, trying to fit one over her wings. Frustrating wasn't quite the right word, she realised. More like impossible. She was determined to go on without it, despite the risk of freezing herself solid, until Toni had solved the problem by recycling one of her own trench coats, cutting two parallel slits from the hem to the shoulder blades so that the tan-coloured coat would slide conveniently over her wings.

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