[Taekook] Don't Do It

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Author's PoV

"Baby? Are you okay, you've been there for 15 minutes now" Taehyung said on the other side of the door making Jungkook who was in the bathroom get out of his trance.
"U-um.. Yes hyung, I was just doing something and then I'm gonna take a shower" Jungkook said while looking down to his arms seeing cuts and scars from old cuts.
"Okay, but hurry up because I'll take a shower too" Taehyung said and left the room going to the living room. Jungkook removed his clothes and got in the tub. Opening the shower, he was hit by the warm water that made him winced because of the cuts on his arms.

/Time skip/

After showering, Jungkook changed into an oversized sweater that Taehyung gave him.
"Hyung! I'm done showering, you can take a bath now" Jungkook called for Taehyung who walked upstairs and into the room Jungkook was in. He saw his beautiful boyfriend in his sweater that was small for him but big on Jungkook, he walked to Jungkook and hugged his tiny waist and inhaled the vanilla scent
he loved.

"You smell good as always" Taehyung said and nuzzled his head in his boyfriend's neck making Jungkook to giggle because it tickled.
"And you smell sweaty, hyung" Jungkook said pushing Taehyung's shoulder a little and giggled because of Taehyung's offended look.
"Okay, I'll take a shower and then I can cuddle you?" Taehyung says receiving a 'hmm'. Taehyung kissed Jungkook's lips and walked inside the bathroom locking it.

Jungkook's smile dropped and he sat down in their bed. He got a paper and wrote his last message to his boyfriend before he do what he is doing in a few days. After writing the letter, he hid it in a box he will be leaving for Taehyung so he would remember him. He heard the lock of the bathroom click and he forced another smile.
"Baby, do you want to go to the park?" Taehyung asked receiving a nod from Jungkook.
"Okay, I'll just change and we can go to the park" Taehyung says while Jungkook left the room.

/Time skip/

The couple is now walking their way to the park holding hands making people look at them with jealous looks and some looking at their partner with a glare. The two heard some people say 'Why aren't we like that!?!' 'I'm jealous, I wish I have someone' making them both laugh. They arrived at the park and sat down at a bench.
"Baby, do you want some ice cream" Taehyung asked receiving a 'hmm'. Taehyung left and bought some ice cream while Jungkook stayed and waited for him.

Taehyung got back and gave Jungkook his ice cream.
"Baby, I will be getting home late on Monday because I have some works I haven't finished" Taehyung says and held Jungkook's hand waiting for his answer.
"It's okay and besides I have some chores to do on Monday" Jungkook said and held Taehyung's hand back.

September 22, Sunday
9:00 pm

Jungkook looked at the date and decided to do the last things he will be doing with Taehyung.
"Tomorrow is the day" He said and Taehyung entered the room.
"Baby, can you help me" Taehyung says and pointed down. Jungkook looked down and saw Taehyung's boner.
"Hyung, what did you do?" Jungkook asked while Taehyung gave him an awkward smile.
"Well, remember the pictures of you in dresses in my phone.. Well, I looked at it and got hard but if you don't want I'll just take care of it myself" Taehyung said walking inside the bathroom but stopped when he heard Jungkook mutter something.

(Smut Warning!?!)

"Can you repeat it baby, I didn't hear you" Taehyung got close so he could hear properly. Jungkook blushed but got some confidence.
"M-make love to me, h-hyung" Jungkook said and lowered his head. Taehyung smirked and lift Jungkook's chin up.
"So, it's a yes?" Taehyung says smirking and made Jungkook to look up at him and nod.
"Yes hyung, m-make love to me" Jungkook said and gasp when Taehyung started sucking his neck. He moaned and laid down while Taehyung is still sucking on his neck, he wrapped his arms and legs on Taehyung's neck and waist and moaned.

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