Chapter 1: Innocence

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Two gunshots echoed in my ear, then its over, a cold boddy of a guy dropped before me as he tried to attack me. I almost felt sorry for the guy, he thought he could lay a finger on me.

"Are you okay Milady?" asked Eve to me. She is my head private bodyguard, she is quite young and talented wit h guns, she might inherited it from her father, Eve's father is one of the private guards of my dad. He's a Mafia Boss or as we like to address him, the king.

"Yes Eve but I wanted to go home" I said without a ny expressions. Then she opened the doo of my private car and she sitted beside me. She opened her phone "Take a direct course on Pierre Residence" she said in a serious tone and two black cars in  front of our car took off as well as the two black cars behind us and three black motocycles.Its really hard to have bodyguards. 

After thirty minutes or so Im home. They opened the huge gate of our house.. its a mansion no one dares to enter.

A man opened the door for us and Eve got off first then me. A line of bodyguards and maidens are standing in a line. 

"Good Evening miss! Welcome home" they all said in chorus and bowed at me. 

"Thank you and good job everyone" I said with a sweet smile on my face.Then I went straight to my room upstairs, its really spacious: I have my own Living room, Kitchen, Huge Closet, Secret room and Armory, Bathroom, Bedroom with a black and red velvet bed--its like having a house made inside a house. Then theres a glass door decorated with orchids, it is Eve's room. I always feel safer whn she is around, she is like a second mother to me. 

Then somebody knocked on my door, I opened it and saw my big brother Kevin. 

"Im sorry but, who are you?" I said and giggled slightly at him

"Is that how you treat your drop-dead-gorgeous older brother?" He said with a smirk on her face.

"Yahh..right" I said sarcasticly. 

"Wait..why aren't you dressed yet?" he asked with a frown

"Dressed for what?"

"Ohh..Princess you forgot huh? The Queen is coming home tonight" 

"Mom?! Really? I totally forgot that"

"I can see that, well hurry up and get dressed"

"Thanks Kev"

"No prob, Red"  I said and shut the door. I quickly went to the bathroom to take a bath and pick up a dress. I dont like wearing dresses but mom's coming home so its a special occation. I chose a simple but elegant black sleeveless dress. And went to fix my hair. I love my long-jet-black hair. Then Eve came near me. 

"Do you want me to help you Milady?" She said in a soft voice. 

"No thanks I can manage" I said and put the hair brush down and put some black eye-liner under my eyes and above my eyelids. Then I wear some black high-heels shoes and grab my two knives and hid it in my clothes, I looked myself in the mirror and I look like a goth-loli, I love it. 

"Are you done Milady? Thr Queen is on her way" Eve said

"Yes, Im do.." I suddenly stopped and look closely to Eve.

"Is there anything wrong Milady?" 

"Hmmm.." I answered "Aha! I know" i said and grabbed a white belt and a grey-ish pendant from my closet and putted it on Eve.

"There your outfit is perfect" I said with a big smile.

"B-but Milady, this is your stuff, I cant use them" she said 

"Dont worry, there yours now, look at it as a small gratitudefor always protecting me, okay" I said to her. 

"Thank you Milady, Im honored for receiving this gifts" she said and I can trace the happiness on her face. 

"The Queen have arrived!" a loud voice said. Mom is here, finally. 

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