16 : narration

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woojin and the gang was inside the brandnew music's practice room. they were rehearsing there new song for their new album. they were gone for countless promotions and photoshoots.

"woong, do you want to hear everything?" woojin said at woong or let's say, to all of them.

woong nodded aggressively making all of the boys laugh, well except youngmin who's making a poker face since then.

"say the magic word." woojin pinched woong's cheeks making donghyun laugh so hard while touching his tummy.

"you think i'll fell for it, woojin?" woong replied. youngmin holded his laugh while donghyun didn't stop.

woojin glared at them.

"yah! why are you so serious, guys? can't you support me?" he pleaded and folded knees then kneeled.

at this point, three of the boys stopped laughing when someone entered the practice room. it was rhymer, their ceo.

all of the boys stand up and greeted their manager who's checking on them. rhymer looked at woong who's gulping and youngmin who's scratching the back of his neck.

"woojin, why are you all noisy?" rhymer's sharp words darted at their face.

woojin was about to say something when someone called for their ceo. so, basically, they're back at it. again.

they sat down, drinking water while hearing woojin's hot issue slash newsflash.

"yeah, daehwi told rhymer about chuu." so that's what their topic is all about.

daehwi wants to court chuu with rhymer's notice.

youngmin and donghyun stayed calm. while, woong can't hold his self anymore. he's defeated by someone who doesn't even know what chuu dislikes, her favorite color. in other words,

daehwi can't reach woong's level of knowingness about chuu's personality.

"i'm going home." woong calmly said and quickly grabbed his bag and left brandnew music's building without their manager knowing.

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