Authors Note!

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Hey guys so I am so happy I am at the tenth chapter in this story. I feel really good that I did this much. I hope you guys have liked this story as much as I have. I cant wait until more people start to comment.I like getting opinions from people that have read my work. If you like it then tell me I wont bite. :) *Wink* *Wink* I promise. But I want to come home from school and see a bunch of comments from you guys.

Ok so I have just now decided that I wont post again until I get about 20 comments and 15 votes. I think thats fair. Please tell your fans and any one who likes to read. I really want this story to get a wattpad award. It would really make me happy. So please do this for me. Ok so long until I get 20 comments and 15 votes!

Love, kcullen :)

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