Daddy's Back

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Will, you still be there for me

Once I'm yours to obtain?

Once my fruits are for taking

And you flow through my veins?

Do you still think I'm beautiful

When my tears fall like rain?

My love is so bountiful

For a man, who is true to me

Holy Terrain - FKA Twigs

Chapter Eighteen - Daddy's Back

"What the fuck? Get off of me!" I yelled. His hand gripped my neck as the other hand moved down to my pussy. He pushed my thong aside then placed two fingers inside my lips. "Please don't do this," I whispered. I've always heard stories like this from other strippers. So many of them got violated by men. I never thought that would happen to me until now.

"You're already wet for me, baby," he groaned into my ear. I was frozen because I was in shock. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I never thought this day would come.

"Braxton?" I whispered. I moaned when his finger moved up to my clit. I couldn't help but grind my hips as he circled his finger around my clit. I completely forgot about everything that happened a few years ago. I was only concerned about him releasing the tension that I had been holding all of this time. Braxton could tell I was getting close so he pulled away from my clit. I opened my mouth to curse him out but gasped when he shoved two fingers inside of my pussy. "Oh, fuck!"

"Your pussy is so fucking tight," he groaned. I sat on his lap as he fucked me with his fingers. My nails dug into his arm as my pussy tightened around his fingers.

"I'm going to..." I couldn't finish my sentence because I came all over his fingers. Braxton pulled his fingers out of me. I stared at him as he stuck his fingers inside of his mouth and tasted my juices. I wanted him to bend me over this couch and fuck me right now.

As I looked into his eyes, all the memories flooded my head. I was no longer horny because I remembered why we were in this situation in the first place. I pushed his hand away that gripped my neck and shot up from his lap. I turned around so I could see him. Braxton looked calm as he slowly got up from his seat and walked closer to me. He acted as if nothing ever happened.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I put my hands up when he tried to grab my arm. Two seconds ago I was ready to fuck him but now I felt disgusted to have his hands anywhere near me.

"I came here to talk to you, Vera," Braxton untied his mask then threw it to the side. I studied the man that I used to love. Braxton looked the same but there was something in his eyes that got my attention. They weren't as bright as before. I could see some pain in his eyes.

"So you thought coming to my job and trying to fuck me was a good idea? I thought you were some man trying to rape me. How the hell did you know where I worked?" I narrowed my eyes when Braxton chuckled. This was not the time to be laughing. I was two seconds from getting the security here and having them escort him out.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

"You didn't answer my question. How did you know that I worked here?" Braxton was silent for a few seconds.

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