chapter 2. :*

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Chapter 2
Abby's POV

I sat there, confused and lost. Soon I heard a high pitch voice that made my wolf cringe with disgust. 

   "Abby, Abby you little shit come here....there you are." She said flipping her hair like one on the preps, she sounded like a frog was shoved up her nose.

    Her voice was the definition of ugly.

  Our mate left us for her how stupid. Stacy said rolling her eyes. Stacy he never liked us "stupid". She puffed and kept quiet.

  "Helloooo can you hear me?!" I snapped out of my head and looked at her.

   "what?" The words came out of my mouth as if it was snake venom.

    "I like need you to like get stuff" hair flip "for like me and Sebastian to have like" hair flip again "a party." She finish, my eyes blinked a couple of times trying to connect her words.

  She is the first person I have ever met who says like a lot.

  I nodded my head and left down the hallway. I'm dressed its just I don't have a lot of choices.

   My feet walk down a long hall way till they come to a door, i knocked and the girl I wanted to see was their.

   "Hey Brianna" I said as we hugged, she squinted her eyes at me almost a glare. "Why hasn't my brother realize he needs you!?" Brianna whined as I sighed "hey Brianna I heard that at the mall Justin Bieber is there trying to find the most prettiest blonde so he can marry her. Brianna froze, her face not changing at all, motionless.

  Then she had a giant grin from ear to ear and she laughed loudly grabbing her bag. Tossing me the keys "come on, my man is waiting for me." I rolled my eyes and laughed.

  Walking outside the sun hit my tan skin unlike me, Brianna had pale skin with freckles and bright blue eyes.

  We were about to go when someone grabbed me and....blackness took me.
Ello guys, another chapter. I guess this one was pretty short but I promise the next one will be longer.

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