princess//e.d - pt 2

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AN// this is part TWO of probably 3 of princess//e.d,  i hope you all like <3

(y/n pov)

You stepped out of Ethan's car and looked at the building in front of you. "Wow, Ethan." You said, looking up as Ethan went to get Nora from the back. You heard him chuckle.

"Thanks?" Ethan asked with a laugh, as he carried Nora back to you. You watched him toss his keys to one of the doormen and smile at them. You raised your eyebrows. "They'll park it- thanks!" Ethan yelled to the doormen getting into his car. You nodded, smiling.

"Party?" Nora asked, hand on her crown once again. Ethan nodded at her, walking towards the building as you followed them. "Fix crown, Effin!" She yelled as the door was held open for you. Ethan and you laughed as you followed him to the elevators, nodding at people on the way.

"I gotchu, princess," Ethan said as the elevator closed on you three. Ethan put Nora down and she looked at herself in the mirrors as Ethan fixed her crown. "Alright, what floor, princess?" He asked her. Nora looked at all the buttons, settling on 3, one of the only ones she could reach. You smiled.

"We can go on any floor?" You asked Ethan. He smiled.

"I own the building, baby," He said, the nickname slipping out. "Well, I co-own it with my brother, but you know," He said. Your eyes-widened. You just thought he worked here- not that he owned the whole building. You sighed as the elevator opened and Nora ran out.

"Hold up, love," You said as she ran into someone's leg. She turned back to you, running into your arms. You smiled, picking her up. "Don't leave mama, okay?" You asked. She nodded and looked at Ethan.

"What costume are you?" Nora asked him. Ethan grinned, looking down at himself.

"I'm Dracula," He said. Nora looked confused. "I'm a vampire," He exclaimed. Her eyes widened as she grinned.

"Count Dracula!" She shouted. Of course, her favourite movie. She'd watched all the Hotel Transylvania movies at least 4 times each. He nodded, pulling out fake fangs from his pockets. She gasped as he put them on. "Teeth!" She yelled, reaching over to Ethan. He took her from you and grinned at her, bearing his new teeth. She shook her head, and poked at his mouth. Ethan chuckled and pulled them out.

"You don't like them?" He asked her. She frowned and shook her head. Ethan walked towards the trash can, dropping it in. "Then I won't wear them."

Ethan introduced you to many of his employees as you walked around the third floor of his building. Apparently, Ethan's twin, Grayson, was a huge fan of Halloween himself- even more than Ethan. So all employees had been ordered to come to the party, in costumes and with their kids.

"Hey look she's a princess like you," Ethan said to Nora as you'd travelled to the top floor to Ethan's office. You smiled at the secretary as she waved at Nora. Nora waved back and squealed.

"Crown!" She shouted, pointing to the secretary's head. You smiled as the three of you walked over. "Crown like mine!" She yelled. Secretary pulled it off of her head.

"Actually, this one's a tiara," Ethan's secretary told her. Nora looked at you. The secretary handed Nora the tiara and Nora took it. "You can keep it honey, it'll look better on you anyway," She said. Nora grinned at her.

"Thank you!" She said. You smiled, thanking the secretary. She shook her head and smiled.

"She's adorable," She said to you. You smiled. "Want some candy, love?" She asked Nora. Nora looked at Ethan and he nodded.

"We don't have a bucket yet, we'll come back," Ethan said. Nora clapped and you walked into another room. It was big, covered in Halloween decorations. "My brother went overboard in my office, I told him to stop but the man never listens," He said, pointing around the room.

Ethan set Nora on his desk and helped her switch from her old crown to the brand nw tiara. She grinned as he showed her what she looked like on his phone camera. "Princess!" She yelled. Ethan chuckled.

"Let's get some candy, princess?" He asked her. She shook her head, reaching for Ethan. He shoved his phone into his pocket before picking her up. "What's wrong?" He asked her. She shook her head and rested it on Ethan's shoulder.

"I think she's tired," You said to him. Ethan's face fell. "She had a nap earlier to stay awake for now, but I guess it wasn't enough," You whispered as you watched Nora's eyes flutter close.

"I wanted her to come trick or treating at all the offices," He whispered. You gave him a sad smile. "Maybe she'll wake up in a bit?" He asked. You nodded as the door of his office opened.

"Yo E-" But the person cut themselves office as Ethan turned himself with a baby on his chest. You smiled at the man that looked oddly familiar to Ethan himself. His twin. "You must be y/n," He said, walking in. You nodded, walking towards him to shake his hand. He was bigger than Ethan but you knew which one you were attracted to.

"You must ne Grayson." You said with a smile. He nodded and you turned to Ethan and Nora. "That's Nora, my daughter," You introduced. Grayson smiled.

"I've heard lots about the both of you in the past 24 hours," He said. You blushed and looked to see Ethan doing the same. "Thank god, I thought Ethan was going to be a lonely cat man," Grayson said. You raised your eyebrows.

"Lonely cat man?" You asked. Grayson laughed out loud before Ethan shushed him.

"Like you know those old cat ladies?" Grayson asked. You nodded slowly. "Like that, but male," He said. You laughed, shaking you head.

"Shut the fuck up, Gray," Ethan said with a frown. You smiled at him and his frown faded away. "She met Grant already, you missed it," He told his brother. You smiled.

"They're like the same age?" Grayson asked. You nodded and smiled, reaching over to fix Nora's dress that had flipped over at the bottom. "They'll make great cousins," Grayson said, walking towards the door. Your eyes widened.

"Gray," Ethan said. You looked down at the floor, a small smile on your lips. Oh my god, you'd met him 24 hours ago and you'd already fallen for him.

"Well, when Nora wakes up, let her trick-or-treat with all the other kids," Grayson said, winking and closing the door behind him. You looked up at Ethan who was now flushed red.

"Sorry about him he's-" You shook your head, cutting Ethan off.

"It's all good," You said with a smile. He nodded, now sitting on his desk, Nora still asleep on his chest. "I'm starting to get worried about her, sleeping so much," You said. Ethan chuckled.

"She's 2, let her be," He said. You smiled. "So-" But he was cut off as Nora woke up once again. She rubbed her eyes looking around, only to find Ethan already staring down at her. She giggled, pressing her palm to his chest.

"Daddy!" She exclaimed. Ethan's eyes widened as did yours. You began to shake your head.

"Nor-" You began as she turned to you. Ethan cut you off.

"Let's go trick-or-treating princess?" He asked her. She turned back to him nodding. He put her down and reached his hand down to her. She took it as he led her to the door.



AN// hey loves,, part 3 of this coming soon :) i also keep forgetting to mention that ive posted a series masterlist on my 'coversations' tab, if you wanted to revisit them :) i love you all so so so much <3 xx

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