The Mission and Encounter

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Chase: Paw Patrol Ready for Action Ryder Sir!!!
Zuma: Wait dudes, where's Dominick??
Ryder: Let me call him.
Back outside the Lookout.
Dominick: I can't believe you guys are here to takeover and I won't let you!!!
Luke: Oh really what are you gonna do.. Nerd!!!!
Suddenly Dominick's tag lit up and it was Ryder calling him.
Ryder: Dominick where are you we are waiting for you.
Dominick: Ryder I know you are waiting for me but you have to start without me because I'm dealing with the situation right now.
Ryder: Oh Ok.
Ryder now talks to his Pups.
Ryder: Ok Pups This is really odd Dominck is arguing and fighting these three man we need to figure why. Which is why I need all paws on deck to help Dominick knock off these guys.
Everyone: *Howls
Ryder: Alright Paw Patrol is on a Roll!!
As Dominick still arguing with the OC, he sees the Pups coming Down the Slide.
Dominick: Ohh it's time for you to leave if you don't listen because of you try to take over me and the Paw Patrol, And...
AJ Styles: Wait you work with Puppies oh my god Ha!! ??? *when the OC heard that all three of them were laughing hysterically with tears in there eyes.   
Karl Anderson: That's gotta be the most stupid team I have ever seen.
Luke Gallows: Looks to me there are bunch of nerds themselves.
Dominick: If I work with pups that's fine but I wasn't finished with what I was really gonna say to you people!!!
*Ryder and the pups walk up beside Dominick.
Rocky: Who are these guys Dominick??
Dominick: This is the Original Club The OC for short thats AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.
Marshall: And why are these guys here???
Dominick: They are here because they wanna takeover Adventure Bay.
Everyone: *Gasped
Zuma: That's Howwible Dudes you thwee are messed up!!
Ryder: You guys will never rule Adventure Bay.
Dominick: That's what I told them Ryder but there still gonna do it anyway but I know you guys aren't gonna do it.
Karl Anderson: Oh really...
*Karl Grabs a ray gun and hands it to Aj and *the pups are getting scared to what they are seeing.
Dominick: Aj what are you doing with that.
Ryder: Don't shoot at us don't do something your gonna regret it!!!
AJ Styles: Oh really, Watch this...
*He shoots the ray gun at PAW Patrol Vehicles and he also shit down Ryder's and Dominick's bike. Which left Dominick, Ryder and the Pups shocked.
Dominick: YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!
Karl Anderson: Whoa Nice AJ they deserved it big time!!!
AJ Styles: Hell Yea they Did.
With That Dominick was so mad to see what just happened.
Dominick: That's it!!!! I knew this day would come, Pups it time.
Chase: Time for what Dominick sir???
Dominick: Time to Call in the Greatest Tag Team In all Of Professional Wrestling!!!
AJ Styles: You idiot we are the professional Tag Team of all time.
Dominick: No you aren't this one is!!!
With that Dominick grabs his Phone and Call the Greatest Team in Wrestling History as he calls... The Shield. 

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