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Today is my first day on the job
They already assigned me to the case that has haunted me for my life they call it the trophy ghost, this is mainly because the person collects one nail from their victims
We don't know what they do with the nail so we just assume they keep it
And they have leave no evidence of who they are all we know is that they live in this area for they have never killed anyone outside this area
"Hey, are you done doing monologues in your head?" A girl says
"Wait how did you know?" I respond
"Come on we've been friends since ever I can basically read your thoughts" she hugs me "so how is your first day of work"
"Well I just got here so"
"No you haven't it's nilly lunch time now" she says
"Pacifica you better be joking" I snap
"Your right I am, sheesh Bianca learn to take a joke" Pacifica hits me over the head
"Yeah I know I'm just a little bit stressed, it's my first day and my case is the killer I've been wanting to catch since ever"
"Yeah I know you've said that over a thousand times, anyway I'm here because you forgot your lunch, silly" she gives me my lunch and starts to walk away
"Cya" she says
"Bye" I call back
I turn back and there's my head supervisor
"Hi boss, I um, I'm ready to work what do you want me to do first" I try to sound confident
"Well it's your first day so setting up your desk and looking at the files" he points to my desk then the files
"Okay I'll get right to it" I smile and walk to the files grab some then walk back to my desk
I get a notebook and pen to take notes
I open the first files it's just a person looks like there asleep then there is a close up on their hand everything is normal acept
One of the fingers the pointer finger has their nail missing but it's so hard to tell
I wouldn't of seen it but I know what I'm looking for
The next file the body is all bloated it must of took them a while to find the body I almost gag
But luckily don't
This one it's easier to tell the nail is missing because the body is bloated
I look at more files
Almost all of the people are bloated
I write that down
Confused as to why it takes the police so long to find the bodies
In one file the body is so rotted away you can hardly tell who they one where
And at that I stop to have my lunch feeling like someone is watching me
I go outside into the sun
"Are you having a fun first day newbie, is it everything you though" someone chuckles from behind me

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