Chapter 14

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Rory's POV

I have been working hard at Yale and my mom has been working hard at the Inn. Now my sister is working hard on giving birth to her child. She is two days late and was going crazy. Mom and I promised to go see her before the baby is born.

"Nothing yet?" I ask my mom who was looking at her phone.

"Nope. Kenzie hasnt called yet." My mom says.

"She called me last night all angry." I say.

"I know she called me too. Such a mood, but understandable." She says.

One Week later

Kenzie's POV

Jess and I went back to StarsHollow with a surprise for them all. We walked into Luke before he opened.

"We're not opened... Oh my god." Luke says.

"Hey Uncle Luke." Jess says.

"Hey Luke. Yes what your seeing is real. She was born a week ago." I say.

"She's perfect." Luke says.

" Luke says

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"Thanks. We just wanted to show her to you first because well you were closer." Jess says.

"Well thanks. So whats her name?" Luke ask.

"Everlie Lorelai Mariano." I says.
(pronounce like Ever-Lee)

"Well she is lovely. Just wait until your mom and sister meet her." He says.

"We'll head over there in alittle bit. I just wanted to say thank you for making me come back." Jess says.

"Of course. How about you guys eat and then head to the Gilmore's." Luke says.

"Yeah that would be nice." I say.

Luke made us some breakfast and when he had to open. We went to the apartment above and decided to wait for mom and sister.

"Hey they're here." Luke says opening the door.

"Thanks. Jess stay with her I'll be right back." I say.

I went downstairs and my mom and sister both came over to me and hugged me.

"You look different. My mom says.

"Yeah whats new?" Rory asks.

"I had the baby. She's up there with Jess." I say.

"Going up." My mom says.

She and Rory ran upstairs and I followed them. Jess walked down slowly and looked frustrated.

"Good luck they took her and I dont think we'll get her back anytime soon." Jess says.

I went inside and my mom and Rory were just being very sweet with my daughter.

"Her name is Everlie Lorelai Mariano." I say.

"You really gave her our name as her middle name?" My mom asks.

"Yeah. She's gonna need that name to end up strong." I say.

"That is a strong name." Rory says.

"Well Ev welcome to the family. Your gonna be loved and if you have an addiction to coffee thats normal. Its our thing." My mom says.

Right here right now there are Three Generations of Gilmore Girls in one room. And I know one day she will be just as amazing because she'll have strong woman to influence her.

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