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donghyuck grumbled as his body jerked from hitting a speed bump. his eyes dashed over to the honey haired boy, a glare being thrown his way.

"can't you drive any smoother?" he grumbled.

"i will drop your ass off on the side of the road."

donghyuck rolled his eyes at the younger. he decided to shut his mouth and turn back to look out the window. the city was bustling with life, students on their way to school, people opening up their shops—the city was full of life and donghyuck loved it. his eyes glimmered as the sun's morning rays hit him.

"how could you be late on your first day, hyuck? don't you know how great of an opportunity this is?"

he groaned, his friend's voice suddenly dropping his mood. jaemin really couldn't go a day without scolding him could he?

"sorry mom, i must've gotten carried away last night, i'll be sure to check my curfew next time so please don't punish me."


donghyuck scrunched his nose up in disgust. "save that stuff for your boyfriend." he mumbled. jaemin let out a chuckle, his hand raising from the steering wheel to fluff his hair. "i would still be with my boyfriend if you hadn't called me at the ass crack of dawn."

"thankyou for dropping your morning sex for me then."

jaemin rolled his eyes, making a swift left turn to turn into the front of the sm building. "you're weird, hyuck."

donghyuck hummed. he pushed open the door of jaemin's car, readying himself to step out.

"hey," jaemin began.


"good luck hyuckie."

the elder grumbled a "thanks" before closing the door to jaemin's car. he let the ring of the nickname wander through his mind for a few seconds, memories of himself and a younger jaemin running across his living room, pretending they were famous actors.

"just you wait, nana! i'll be the best actor in the whole world when i get older!"

the boy sighed before eyeing the tall building, all his nerves shooting up. "well.." he stretched his arms, popping his knuckles afterwards. "here goes nothing i guess."

donghyuck pushed open the door to the building, his fingers trembling. as soon as he walked into the building he was met with cool air and a nice scent of pumpkin spice.

the boy got a good look around, a large lobby and cafe awaiting him. a bunch of south korea's most famous idols, models, and actors littered the area. donghyuck decided it'd be best to get to where he needed to be first before wandering around. he was already ten minutes late.

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