forever yours part 2

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** chapter 2**

Me and Bill shut down the shop and he droped me off at home.

Me" thanks bill i really appectate all the help. and the job and the ride home."

I slammed the front door behind me.. I cant believe no one ever thanks bill for all the help he does ever since our parents death he has been rasing ALL of us.. He has really helped me I think the most.. He was really close to my mom and I guess I show a lot of her..

" ryan is that you?" luke says from the kitchen.

" yeah, I just got home." I walked in the kitchen to see all the boys at the kitchen counter.. oh great im never gonna heir the end of this.

richie starts off." what the hell ryan.. why havent you told anyone! when the hell do you surf? I dont understand!!! what where you thinking!!" he was completly out of breath for screaming at me.. man he is mad...

luke.." okay, rich, calm down.. let ryan explain."

They all look at me how do I explain this?!?

" okay well, you guys remember how mom taught me how to surf when i was little.." they all shock their head in agreement.

" well I fell in love, I remember only me and mom every morning, then at night every weekend.. she wanted me to feel the power it gave me and I knew how to do the tricks easy I just kept going with it once mom and dad died, and I woke up.. i just remeber talking to bill about mom's board.. I remember she always hide the boards there.. I never understude why.. I just kept going there, back to the spot" they all gasped." well can some one explain all that stuff to me I understand its a huge secret! why cant I know! this is bull shit!"

luke grabs me into a huge i didnt know i was crying until i had my face pressed against his chest making me mader and cry harder!

"ryan you need to calm down and we will explain. okay?"

"fine" im good.. okay stop crying.

" okay, so when mom was alot younger she lived in hawii she is part hawiian thats why its so easy for us to get extreamly tan... she was a surfer. I mean like the best! she traveled all over the world, one day she got attacked by a shark, out of every one there it just had to be mom.. this happened when she was in high school.. after high school she wanted to become a lawyer.. she meet dad at college he had no idea about her fame and everything.. moms parents died when she was little but they both taught mama how to surf, she had me a year after college dad was really happy but the same day dad found out about her surfing and didn't really understand... one day when he woke up mama gone he was so worried. she didnt want to tell him about everything but he asked and she felt he should know.. he told her that she need to stop because the doctor had told her if she kept surfing she may not be able to walk. her legs were bittin and her mucles where torn she had trouble walking.. so he said she should never ever surf again or he would leave her.. she gave it up secretly once she had you she wanted to make you into something huge another surfer she wanted you to finish her dream.. dad wanted nothing to do with this he did not want her to teach you or even get her hopes up on the idea if you hated it.. so i guess she taught you behind his back.. so wait you have been surfing even after the accedent?"

"wow" i was shocked why havent i known about this my mom was the best!! " i have been suurfing since i was 4." i looked at their opened mouths...

"richieeeeeeeeeeeee, my boyyyy" logan walks threw the door.. "shit sorry didnt know you where having a family meeting.. ah richie do you wanna just meet me there?"

we all turn to look at richie.. " umm yeah me and ryan will meet you there."

WAIT did he just say my name?? huh...

logan walks out screamin "peace"

i just turn to the guys and their all about to kill something.. well it looks like it...

" okay" i speck up."well sam has invited me to a compation this weekend everything is payed for... he has a sponser ship and his parents bought him a extra room so he could have it to him self but since he rather stay with the guys he said i could have it?" okay please please just say yes please please...

luke looks at me... then twist goes " hey luke im going to that too. jess is surfing and he is bring me with him. i can look after her and make sure she okay?"

wow this might happen...

luke.." fine but under one condiction."

" alright shoot"

"you have to get sponcered.."

" WHAT how am i supposed to get one in three days!!"

"thats your problem not mine"

"fine ill get one" ohh yeah ill ask bill to sponcer me soo easy... sha-weet!!!

richie stands up.." okay ryan we are a little late for the party but better late then never."

"okay, let me go change!" i hugged all the guys and ran to my room.

me and the guys have not been close i mean me and richie where best friends and then mom and dad died, we didnt talk i got close to luke and ever since i have been close to him i guess i just shut alot of people out. i have always blamed myself for the death of mom and dad, and i think the guys have to, but they would never show it. mom was beautiful and dad was smart they got along well and they loved every single kid. dad worked and mom stayed home and took care of us.

i grabed my board shorts and my favorite black jackit. and ran outside.. richie was waiting in the car.. i must give him credit.. he has the nicest car in the family he saved his money for 3 summers straight.. worked all summer at any place that would take him. and he got him self a big colbra jacked up wheels and a killer radio. it was nice.

we get to the party and i text sam and tell him im at the beach party..

*sam* okay ill meet you at the fire in 10.

*me* okay see you then.

i grab a beer and sit down by the fire..

**20 min. later**

"heyy, ryan!" sam should up with his crew. i swear they never leave his side.

"hey whats up guys?"

"nothing really we just came back from the race." they all looked pretty happy about something i should have figured.

"cool, cool.. so my brothers said yeah to me going but i gotta get a sponcer before i go.. i dont know how well thatll work but i got someone in mind.."

"sweet babe, okay so we leave friday. bring all your stuff over thursday and if its okay with your brothers the plain leaves at 5 so we all are just sleeping at my place.."

"okay ill ask again.. so where is this compation...?"

" oh yeah i thought twist would have told you cause his friends in it and everything... but its in jamica."

oh shit! im going on a plain to jamica! with a car load of hot guys wow im in for a treat...

"oh alright thats... umm SICK! oh my god i cant wait to go...

** 3 hours later**

sam drops me off at my place after 10 min of trying to find my brother with no luck.. i run in throw myself on my bed and black out for the night...

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