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"Where are Skye and mommy and uncle 'lijah?" Jade inquires quietly after the doctor is done giving her a quick check up to make sure everything is okay.

"Skye is with Elijah and Sam at their house right now," Awsten starts off, pausing momentarily to figure out the best way to answer the part about Thea.  "Mommy is still here...she's sleeping."

"Is she gonna wake up soon?" Jade asks hesitantly, making Awsten wonder if she knows that Thea isn't really just sleeping. He was hoping she wouldn't get it, that she would think Thea was just taking a really long nap because that's a lot easier to work with.

"I don't know," he admits, pausing briefly, "but I hope so. I think she will."

Jade nods, staying quiet for a moment.  She frowns, trying to ignore the fact that things are starting to hurt again.  The pain was filled for a while by some medicine from the doctors but it's wearing off and she doesn't want to ask for more.

"You okay, lil' angel?" Awsten asks, easily picking up on the fact that she's hurting despite her trying to hide it.

"Hurts a little," Jade mumbles, "an' I'm tired.  Wan'a nap again."

Awsten wishes she would stay awake but he knows she needs rest.  He forces a smile, smoothing her hair back out of her face and giving her a little kiss on the forehead.

"Take a nap then, sweetie," he tells her, "your sister and 'lijah and Sam and Kal will probably be here by the time you wake up.  And I'll ask the doctor to get you more medicine to make it stop hurting, yeah?"

"I don't wan' medicine.  It makes me feel sick," she tells him, shaking her head.

"Okay, no medicine," he concedes easily, holding her hand and tracing little circles on it with his thumb.  "Is there anything you do want before your nap?  Water?  A snack?"

"Jus' want you to stay," she answers quietly, "I know you gotta go sometimes but can you stay now?"

"'Course, my lil' angel, not anywhere else for me to be.  Gonna stay right here with you," he assures her gently, keeping a hold on her hand rather than letting go as he'd planned to when she grips his hand as tightly as she can manage.

"What 'bout tour? Do you gotta go back? Please stay," Jade requests, tearing up a bit at the thought of him leaving, "jus' for now, please."

"Hey, c'mon now, give me some credit, sweetheart," Awsten says with a forced smile, "nothing in the world could make me go away. No tour, nothing could take me away."

"You promise?"

"I promise."


"Uncle Kal called uncle 'lijah a dick," Skye brings up, earning a shocked look from Sam, "what's that mean?"

"It means that uncle Kal is gonna need a reminder on how to talk around kids," Sam replies awkwardly, giving a little shrug.  "And uncle 'lijah probably needs to stop using you being around as a way to be mean and not have anyone argue with him."

"I like when he's mean," Skye comments with a little laugh, "daddy and mommy always laugh when he's mean 'cause it's just pretend."

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