The tides of Passion

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Sixteen thousand eyes have bestowed themselves upon Grendilton 😱😱 what better way to celebrate than release a not new chapter (because that's too mainstream)

This is a prequel. Whether or not I continue this is the big question. Also, I'm half Maori, half Irish/Scottish. So this particular series (whether I continue this or not) will revolve around that.

And, like always, thank you all for reading, choosing and following the Grendilton series ❤️❤️❤️ it's because of you, I keep writing xo

Disclaimer: this is unedited. So please don't hit me with the grammar books haha


|Chapter one - a special fishing day.|

The sun filtered through the trees, shooting beams down into the waters. A small current surfaced before Daniel Braithwaite, while a long sigh lingered in the air. Grendilton isn't a place of peace is it.

In his hand he held a fishing rod, retreating towards the lake. It's only been one week, and he was over studying at the institute. All Dan wanted to do, was become one with his fishing rod, and catch a few critters.

Daniel expected to be treated like royalty, similar to his friend, Chester. Both of them emerge from two families that had descended from the founders of light and both fathers are in the Citadel of Magics. But Chester was a Heslington and Daniel was nothing but a Braithwaite. Depending what spectrum of history you look at Daniels family, people either see him as a saint ... or a villain.

Forgetting the hostility, Daniel perched himself on top of a tree stump. He casted his line out far and hoped for the best.

"Probably won't catch a guppy," groaned Daniel, resting his face in the palm of his hand. "But hey, this beautiful day beats being yelled at by the lovely island folk."

It didn't help that it was also the Oceania exchange, a time period between the islands and Grendilton. It is a time where their people come together with the outside world — an agreement between their ancestors a long time ago. But, not everyone is very friendly and had figured out that Daniels ancestors led the civil war against them. It just gets better each day.

Daniel sighed. "I don't understand why they hate me. I'm a lovable chap."

He pinched at his nose, dragging the palm of his hand across his face. Daniel hated being stressed for no apparent reason. It was times like this he wanted to go back to Ireland and become a dragoon at a smaller unknown institute. But there was no way that would ever happen, not even if Daniel begged his father.

"Perhaps I can make friends with one."

Suddenly, his line began to pull at something. This made Daniel jump to his feet, wide eyed and shocked. He grabbed his line, reeling it in slowly, feeling how heavy whatever was on the other side was.

What the hell? The more he pulled, the move Daniel convinced himself it was something gigantic. Perhaps a lake creature? Or a legendary fish people go on about? Whatever it was, it was sure pulling up a fight.

Daniel could feel the fire ravaging in his veins, the heat beginning to crack the dirt beneath his feet. There's no way I'm letting a fish out do me!

He summoned a hex in the shape of a dirt mound, creating solid rocks to hold him by the ankles. Daniel used all his strength to tug at the rod, feeling like his shoulders were about to rip in half. He clenched his teeth together, summoning earth magic before him to gently step back.

The waters before him began to look like a storm, with cyan and emerald greens mixing into the newly formed current. What is on the other line? He gathered up all the strength he had, his muscles beginning to both tense up and strain. This was his last ounce of strength. Daniel was giving this fish all he's got.

With one last pull, he lifted his rod up high, sending whatever was on the other end soaring above him. The shadow of casted above him blinding him, then the creature came hurdling towards him, knocking him onto his back.


The wind was knocked out of Daniels mouth, with his vision becoming incredibly hazy. His body was soaked, feeling this creature squirm across his abdomen. When he laid his hand across its back, Daniel could feel a human back. A female.

Daniel was confused, jerking his head up to see what exactly he had fished up from the water. His eyes widening at what he was looking at, with his mouth dropping onto his chest.

It really was a female. A beautiful one at that.

She looked Daniel right in his emerald coloured eyes with her soft brown eyes, becoming instantly lost in them. Her hair was thick and curly, creating this desire that made Daniel want to brush his fingers though it. Whatever she was wearing was very revealing, only covering up what was necessary.

She gasped then sat up. "Sorry about that."

Her face became instantly flustered, with her hands coming across her cheeks. It made Daniel smile, then laugh.

"What were you doing in the water?" Daniel quietly asked, keeping his eyes upon her own and not anywhere else.

She laughed, which made Daniels heart skip a small beat. "The waters looked nice, so I decided to go for a swim. Then your fishing rod caught onto my adornment."

She lifted up her hand and revealed a dark green bracelet with a small silver tear drop hanging from the side. Although she was drop dead gorgeous, Daniel knew from then — they could never be together.

She's Oceanic.

"Whats your name," asked Daniel, extending his hand out to her.

With her head tilting to the side, she smiled. "People of oceanic descent call me Irihāpeti, or Elizabeth. But I prefer Izzy."

With a grin on his face, Daniel introduced himself but more causally and smoothly.

"You can call me Dan."

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