Bokuto x reader

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Haiiii.... I'm back again with another chapter.



Both of you were having a date at (favorite cafe).

You ordered a glass of (favorite drink) and your boyfriend, Bokuto ordered a glass of frapucino.

He just finished practicing.
He felt tired but he managed to have a date with you.

You appreciated that.

Bokuto would always snatch your phone away from you and check your messages to see if you were texting another boy.

While waiting for both of your drinks,
Bokuto took your phone and checked your social media and looked at your last chats.

Turns out your recent chat were with Nishinoya.

Nishinoya was your best friend from Miyagi.

Since you were the manager of Fukurodani volleyball boys club, you managed to meet Nishinoya and found out that both of you have lots of things in common.

Both of you sent funny memes all the time.

Bokuto looked at your recent chats with Nishinoya and got jealous.

He looked at your phone and gave you a glare.

"Uh... are you okay?"

He didn't respond and gave your phone back.

It was awkward silence and you felt super weird.

"Bokuto are you okay?"

He ignored you.

Then suddenly the waitress called your name.

"Ms.(y/n)! You're drinks are done!"

You went to pick up both of your drinks.

You went back to your seat and gave Bokuto his drink.

Then you wanted to take a selfie with Bokuto.
Usually Bokuto would be excited to take a selfie with you. This time...
he didn't want to look at the camera.

You got pissed and put down your phone.

"Bokuto, you better tell me what's wrong or I'll get super mad soon. You've been ignoring me."

He gave you a shy look.

"Uh... why do you keep messaging Nishinoya?" He asked you without looking at your face.

You gave him a really confused look.

"Well, he is my best friend. What's wrong with that?"

He didn't answer your question.

At the end you figured out he was jealous.

You rubbed his hair and started to tease him.

"You're jealous aren't you?"


"Awww, Bokuto's jealous," you said in a happy tone.

He blushed like hell.


You ended up smiling at him, "I love you Bokuto."

He looked away from you, "I know, I love you too."

You gave him a hug and he immediately hugged you back.


Bokuto's cute XD

So... I'm outside and doing nothing.
I got bored easily tbh and decided to write another chapter coz wai not?


Anything is fine as long as it's not smut or lemon :))))

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