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at the coffee shop
izys pov

"so.. what do you want?" diego asks me

"caramel mocha" i reply

"your order never changes" diego says laughing

"it's my favourite drink, it always has been" i say

we order our drinks and go sit at a table

"talk" i say

"what about?" he asks

"diego, quit playing. tell me the real reason you came to see me" i ask him

"i miss you izy, i miss us"

"what do you want me to do about that? i thought our relationship was good but then you cheat on me. do you understand how much you hurt me" i tell him

"i know izy but long distance was hard, i missed you so i did it with someone else" he says

"IT HAD ONLY BEEN 3 WEEKS DIEGO" i yell, everyone looked at us

"i know what i did was wrong but i was craving some love, i needed it and you weren't here. i told you i couldn't do long distance and you didn't understand" he said

"oh no diego, don't you turn this on me, i loved you so so much. with my whole entire heart! i thought you felt the same way"

"i did, i do! i'm still in love with you izy"

"you know what hurt them most?" i ask him

"what?" he asks quietly

"you told me not to worry about her diego, you told me she was just a friend and i had absolutely nothing to worry about. you diego, cheated on me with the girl you told me not to worry about because she's just a friend" i says crying

i hate crying in public, i got up and left, taking my drink with me ofc. i ran to the car diego behind me since we came here in his car.

"i've changed izy, i changed for you! please just give me a chance? i promise you that i'll treat you right this time" he says

gosh, it's taking me all i have right now not to say yes

"just take me back to the hotel diego" i say avoiding the question

the car ride back was dead silent, i went back to the hotel and went to my room, on the way i bumped into chase. he seemed kinda sad and ngl, it hurt seeing him sad

"hey chaseyyy, what's wrong?" i asked him

"nothing iz, i'm fine" he told me

"bullshit chase, what the fuck it wrong b" i demanded

"i just, i'm jealous" he said

"of what?"

"diego.. your ex, what if you guys get back together" he tells me

"so what if we do?" i ask confused

"OMG IZY! I FUCKING LOVE YOU" he yelled, tears rolling down his face

"w-what?" i say

a/n: well that's the mf tea sis

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