Ch.30 - The Date

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After a day of training, Ryou went to pack up his things, and leave. Before he slung his bag over his shoulders, he got a text on his phone.

Mei: The Ridewatch Pro is ready~! It's just a prototype, but it appears to be a fully functional one!

Ryou: Perfect. Thanks a bunch. I was talking to Midoriya, he's staying behind for a while. Can you give it to him? He'll bring it to me.

Mei: Yep! Will do.

As Ryou put away his phone, a familiar green haired girl walked up to Ryou.

" ready to go? Ribbit." Tsuyu asked.

"You bet." Ryou put his bag over his shoulders, and walked with Tsuyu to the door.

As they did, however...Sunny walked in, with her bags packed up.

"Ryou, are you ready to go home? I wanted to walk home with you." She said, smiling.

"Uh...about that. I won't be able to. I'm going out with Tsuyu for a while."

Sunny looked over at Tsuyu, who was silent, not saying a word, standing by Ryou.


Ryou akwardly walked out, and Tsuyu quickly followed after, leaving Sunny in the classroom by herself.

"Oh..." She dropped her schoolbag to the floor, speechless at what to say.


"Is there anything you want to tell me?" Tsuyu asked Ryou, as they were walking away from the school.

Ryou groaned, as he rubbed his head. "God...I knew this was coming. So um...after I saw you...Sunny approached me."

Tsuyu held her hands together tightly, as she looked at the floor. "Go on..."

"She got really close to me...and before I could say anything, she kissed me. I didn't initiate it...she just did. After that I threw her out of my room."

Tsuyu shook her head, not saying a word. Ryou could tell that pissed her off, hearing that.

"Tsuyu, I don't...I don't know what to say. I dang, it wasn't my fault."

"Well, I'm glad you're continuing our date...and you were up front about it. But before we do anything else..." She stopped and grabbed Ryou's hand. "Do you think you"

Ryou looked at her. "Like...kiss you?"

Tsuyu nodded, heavily blushing. "Please?"

Ryou walked up close to Tsuyu, and held her hands. "Are you sure?"

Tsuyu looked into Ryou's eyes. "I want you to...if you did with Sunny...I want you to with least then you can make a decision."

Ryou pulled Tsuyu into him, and pressed his lips against her. They shared a passionate kiss for a few seconds, and Tsuyu let her arms wrap around Ryou, hugging him tightly as her mouth held onto Ryou's tightly.

When they separated, Tsuyu looked down at the ground, blushing, with her adorable froggy smile on her face.

"That was..."

"Amazing?" Ryou smiled.

"Yeah..." Tsuyu croaked. "I'd like to do it more...just figured I would say that."

"Well, how about we go on our date finally?"

Tsuyu pulled away from Ryou, holding onto one of his hands. "Let's go then! What are we waiting for?" She gave Ryou a warm, friendly smile. "Hurry up!"

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