The Reason

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AJ Styles: Well my Good Brothers We Made It.
Karl Anderson: Yep, Adventure Bay!!
Luke Gallows: We are about to find some good nerds while we takeover here!!!
AJ Styles: Yea you said it Brother Luke.
Karl Anderson: Yep you are so right my brother.
Dominick: Whoa whoa whoa, what the hell is this??? AJ why are you guys here?!?!
*Tracker goes inside and says hello to everyone and tell them what him and Dominick saw
Tracker: Amigos!!!
Everyone: Hey Tracker!!!
Tracker: Hello guys No isn't the time to talk, Dominick seems to be in trouble!!!
It shifts bad to Dominick.
AJ Styles: Well well well if it isn't Dominick Giovinazzo.
Dominick: And if it isn't the Phenomenon One AJ Styles And his Good brothers of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.
AJ Styles: Yep that's Right.
Karl Anderson: Yea he definitely knows who we are.
Luke Gallows: Yea because he's a... Nerd!!!
The Club laugh at Dominick.
Dominick: Why the hell are you here and How Did you get here!?!?!
Karl Anderson: Well that's something the United States Champion would have to say right here.
AJ Styles: That's Right Karl, So we just finish our Match in Tokyo and we felt like we wanted to Now take over the World since we became the most Dominant tag team in Professional Wrestling history. So we wanted to destroy a certain town like Adventure Bay because that that town is for...
Luke: Nerds!!!!
AJ Styles: Exactly so we all agreed that we wanted to do it, so I ask our friend Finn Balor if there was a way to get to Adventure Bay. He told there was a way as he gave me a teleporter and told us to use it to where ever you want to go. And we all agreed on Adventure Bay and we teleported here to now takeover this town!!!
Back to Ryder and the Pups as Tracker told Everyone what is happening and they didn't believe him until they saw what was happening outside.
Chase: Hey what's happening outside??
Rubble: And who is Dominck talking to???
Tracker: Oy oy oy, those are the guys I was telling you about!!
Everyone: *Gasp*
Everest: We Have to Help him.
Ryder: And that's why we will. No jobs to big no pups to small!!!
Ryder Rang his pup pad telling everyone to the Lookout but Dominick decided to reject it because he really wanted to focus on the Club and was already where he needed to be. Then everyone got in the elevator except for one.
Everest: Hey where's Marshall???
Marshall: Here I come!!
Everyone: Uh oh...
*Then Marshall crashes into everyone in the Elevator.
Chase: Marshall..
Marshall: Looks Like I can't see you, but you Pups can see me.
Everyone goes to the top floor and they all have there gear on and get into Position.
To Be Continued.

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