Hot Ice Body Spray

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The way you are using the perfumed body spray can have a major impact on its sillage and longevity. How a deodorant smells on your body can differ on everyone due to their habit of applying the body spray in a particular way or mistakes that we usually make in using the scent. One such aspect is the way you spray the perfumed deodorant on your body. If you are also feeling that your body spray is not able to deliver the desired sillage and lasting as it is supposed to do, you can do it by spraying the deodorant spray in the right way. It requires much more than just pointing and spray.

Keep It At A Distance:

Spraying deodorant by keeping the nozzle way close to the skin can develop rashes and redness on the skin. Also, focusing on a small area will prevent the proper application making you use a lot of product. Try to keep the nozzle spray at a distance as it will help in covering a larger area on your body giving an optimal coverage as well as application. With just two-three sprays, you can cover up your entire body. This will also help in saving some bucks as well as the bottle of perfume will last longer.

Spray It Twice:

Spraying too much body spray is never good for one's personality. It makes you look like a wannabe who is trying too hard. So, instead of spraying on too much Hot Ice deodorants with multiple sprays, you should stick to the two spray rule created for the perfumes. Keeping the nozzle at a distance will give you optimal coverage covering the larger area on the body so two sprays will be more than enough for smelling marvellous.

Avoid Spraying On Clothes:

Some of you must have done this at least once or maybe several times. Spraying body spray on the clothes can seem innocent but it will not help in enhancing your scent. the body spray will evaporate in no time as it has nothing to stick on to. Henceforth, if you want a good lasting try spraying the perfumed deodorant on the skin, it is called a body spray for a reason.

Apart from all this, you should follow the rules of applying the perfume even while using body sprays. It works quite in a similar way apart from giving lesser sillage and lasting. Always spray the body spray on the skin, it is called body spray for a reason. Before doing this, make sure to clean the skin using unfragrant soap or body wash. After this, moisturise the skin well using unscented moisturiser or something that does not leave fragrance on your skin for long to prep the skin for next step. Once all this is done, spray Hot Ice body spray on your skin following the tips mentioned above.

Doing all this will help you in enhancing the fragranceof your deodorant spray and making it long-lasting. Also, try to invest ininternational fragrant sprays from top-selling brands known around the world.You can get these easily online in India on popular perfume store.

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