Meet Campbell

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I did what every sane man would do if he was put into this situation.

I began counting like a freaking mad man.

Sophie said she had met him two years ago.

How long ago did I sleep with her?

Almost three years?


Sophie wasn't wearing a ring. She didn't say anything about seeing anyone.

That might be partly because I was kissing her.

Shit, shit, Shit!

I was kissing her when her child was upstairs.

It could even been my child.

I ran my hand through my hair, pulling it up at its ends.


I turned around and dropped my hands.

Sophie was standing on the bottom of the stairs a small human stood by her side. I looked at him closely. He was wearing miniature jeans, and a gray plaid shirt.

I eyed him for similarities. He had my color of blondish brown hair. His brown eyes had my shape but Sophie's color.

My eyes flicked to Sophie. The questions ran deep.

She leaned down and picked him up.

"Gabriel, this is Campbell." I forced a smile to appear on my face just for the sake of the boy.

"Bell, can you say hi to Gabriel?" Sophie turned him to face me. He took one look at me and ducked his head into Sophie's shoulder.

She stroked his hair and turned to me.

"Let's go talk in the other room."

I followed her into the living room. The floor was littered with baby toys.

We maneuvered through the maze of kitchen sets and she set Campbell down. He immediately grabbed the nearest toy and began to make little kid sounds as he played.

Sophie and I watched him for a while from where we were sitting on her couch.

"He is a great kid, Soph."

"Yeah, I have been blessed. Raising him on my own has been hard."

"Soph, where is his father?" I moved my hand to rest on top of hers. My thumb traced the curve of her thumb.

She looked at me then looked down.

"I don't know." Tears pricked the corners of her eyes.

"Soph? Do you know who his father is?"

"His name is PJ Graeson. I met him a week after you moved to Rhode Island. We dated for about two months before we slept together. A month later I found out I was having Campbell. I was ecstatic. I wanted a way out of the life I had made for myself and Campbell was the way. I seemed to be only one who was happy. My parents disowned me for getting pregnant without a husband and PJ left a week before he was born. I have been on my own ever since." The tears were streaming down face. I pulled her into my chest. My hands braced her face to my chest. She nuzzled against my shirt, sniffling.

"Sophie Grace Jordan, you know you could have called me. I would have been here in a heartbeat." I stroked her hair.

"Mamma? Why you sad?" Campbell toddled over and wormed his two year old body onto Sophie's lap.

"Oh Bell. I just am."

Bell jumped off his mother's lap and grabbed a stuffed lion off the ground. He slapped his tiny hands across it a few times to wipe of any dirt before holding it out to Sophie.

"Rawr Rawr always helps me when I am sad. "

Sophie scooped both him and the lion into her arms.

While this adorable exchange was happening, I slyly slipped out of the room and went to the guest room. I had to get up early tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day I am meeting Fallon.

Sorry. its kinda Filler shiz. but whateves you find out about Campbell. the next chapter is going to be Fallon's POV. you get to see her crazyness. hahaha

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