Chapter 7&8

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Chapter 7

"charlie!" justin yelled. " what?" said charlie. " whats with this whole scandal I know I was a jerk ok, but that wasn't neccesary" he siad. " Either using me so where both on the same page!" said charlie. He grab her hard on the arm and pushes her agianst the wall. " Didn't mean to hurt a pretty girl like you" siad justin soflty. " How many time use that one" she siad saldy. " hey, you need to go the concert it start in an hour." said marcos. He looks at them both and he is thinking ( oh not agian).

2:00pm concert in the hotel ball room.

" Hey, everyone! I'm gonna start singing baby!" justin said and as he started to sing  baby. Charlrie press the button for the stage smoke to come out early. Then when justin look at at backstage managers and they didnt what happened? Then his vioce started getting squeaky. It was helium not stage smoke. he was singing with a high pitch vioce. He got very emberrase that night so he ran backstage and one of the worker came out siad he hadsome conditions. He arrived to his hotel room and took a shower. When he came out he slipped and fell so hard on the floor and he found out the floor was full of butter. Then he tried to force himself up by grabbing by the sink. Then he grab a robe and put it on. then he sat on the tiolet tap and started thinking ( what a terrible night). He tried to get up but there was a super glue on the tap of the tiolet. so he had to take of the robe and grab another one. Charlie robe, it was pink and gold color. HE got ready for bed and lay down on the his side of his bed. Then when he finally took that long shower he turn on the fan. Then guess what? there was baby poder on the fan so everything got full of baby poder. Atfer taking that terrible shower he has to take another one. Charlie walk in the room. " damn what happened here christmas arrivedearly?" siad charlie " haha nice one ok, I'm sorry I used you, I'm sorry for bieng a jerk, but this! really!" justin said upset. " I knoweverything didnt went like you plan but i bought chocolate." siad charlie " I dont like chocolate, atleast from you" said justin. " Hey, there good you chocolate hater!" said charlie. " shut upI'm to upset now to fight with you agian." siad justin. " look at the bright side" charlie siad hugging him " what bright side" justin siad sadly " I dont know i thought you where giong to think of something.?"charlie siad. "Gee, thanks" said justin. " My fathersiad there always giong to be bump on the road and you would fall but it your chioce if you want get up and fight this journey or fall and cry" said charlie. " yeah but where is now to say that now! wanst he dead." said justin. " yeah,--he was, but he still alive in my heart" she sad upsetly. She leave the room upset and slam the door. " Damn it charlie you know i didnt ment it!" he yelled. He just layed down and slept on his bed.


"wow" said marcos. " I know christmas came early" said justin. " yeah it did" siad marcos. " hey-omg what happened?" said sam. " dont ask" said marcos. " anyways look I bought charlie a new outfit. she look amazing."said sam. " really.charlie!" yelled marocs. She came in, She had a peach dress with a pearl necklous but with brown boots from yestreday. " Ow sweety take off those boots and wear those heel i bought you" said sam. "It not really my thing" said charlie. " well im gonna call the maid." said marcos. " Oh yes justin you dont want to be late for your breakfest feast the hotel threw you for you."said sam. " yeah you all the enrgy for the dance show." said marcos. "fine" said justin upset. He was still mad of what happened last night. they walked down for the breakfest feast. everyone was sitting there and gladly charlie wasnt diong any pranks this time. " Justin you havent touch your food?'' ask sam. " yeah I'm not feeling well" said justin."charlie you either' said sam. " I'm not that hungry sam' responded charlie. " ok you two with me now" said sam. sam took them down the hall of the hotel where no one could see them. " Ok spill what happened yestreday" said sam. They both stood shut. Not even one single word coming out of there mouth. " hello am I talking to the wall?" said sam. "yesterday was the worst night ever''said justin " I know that justin the concert thing but with and charlie you guys seem like you dont even know each other." said sam. " yeah cuase justin his anger on me and use my father agianst me'' said charlie. " i said sorry'' said justin. "Now you two stop fighting cuase i could cancel your tour and send you back home missy'' said sam. Sam was justin mom in the tour like his parent arent there.Sam is the one in charge. " now you two make up in the breakfest feast or else." sam siad and left. " I'm sorry charlie" siad justin."Hmm..took you long enough" said charlie. " really charlie" siad justin. "yes is payback'' she siad. He smiled and walked to his chair and when to finish his break fest.

Chapter 8

"hey everyone we have a guest star with helping us dance for our show tonight' said the teacher. " who?" asked a girl " justin bieber" he replied. " omg!" the girl screamed. All the girl from the dance group started screaming and jumping. They where all excited that a star was giong to dance with them. Justin arrrives late and get all the girls worry. " when is he showing up?'' one of the girls ask. "I dont know" the other said. till he crashes into the door and yelled he was giong to be there. Charlie secretly put pine cones in his shoes. Like he was rushing he didnt noticed his shoes where his own trap. He started leading the dance and everyone will follow his move. The he felt the pinecones. he started dancing wierdly and he started acting strange and the girl will do the exact same thing he will do. It was halerious. It came out in the magazine justin bieber doesnt know how to dance or justin teaches the wrong moves. He was more emberrase but his question was. who is diong this  to him? He could of the enemies has but he couldnt think of one. charlie was laughing her head off. Her magazine was the first  to publish this story and her boss would higher her possion.

Hotel room.

" Ok someone giong after you?" said marcos. " Yeah who?!" said justin. " Could be jealousy?" he siad. " Of what? I have you seen what happened the past few weeks."justin siad. "I bet is one of those,no...ah! that singing,no Taylor swift..No,no she more famous why be jealous." marcos said. " Geez thanks.'' said justin. " I know charlie" said marcos. " Agian with the charlie thing." said justin. " You guys keep blaming people for his mistakes." said sam. " It wasn't him cuase he didnt paint his hair purple, He didnt put pinecones in his shoes, He didnt change the stage smoke for helium. I mean he doesnt know how to use a revolving door he cantt use the machine for the stage smokes. Has to be some one devious" said marcos. " agian thank you" he siad with sarcasm. " Well leave charlie alone she didnt do anything." said sam. " yeah why are so hung up on her marcos" said justin. " reporter do anything to get things from you. is in there blood." said marcos. "Not this agian." said sam. " In there blood?" said justin. " yes there like roaches all the want is your food and your food is detalis, stories for them to eat wich writting ofcourse" said marcos. " wow" said justin " pathetic wow.. Are you visiting your therapist?" said sam. " No i dont need one and he went to vacation a never came back. He siad he went to visit some friend of his." said marocs. " maybe that friend is another therapist cuase how bad you are. your therapist need a therapist." said sam. " sam dont you go all sassy on me" said marcos. " how am I bieng sassy?" asked sam. " will you two stop it!' said justin. " just go back to work, your worst then the screaming fans." said justin. "I still dont like her" said marcos. Then charlie was on the door listening with a cup on her ears. then she come in out nowhere and smiles. "where have you been charlie?" said sam.

Chapter 9.

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