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(y/n pov)

"First day?" Cameron asked, as you gently woke her. You smiled and nodded. She grinned, sitting up. You pulled down her t-shirt and she looked around. "Daddy?" She asked, looking around.

"Daddy's taking a shower," You told her as she stood to her feet, "You can see him in a bit," You said, standing up from her big girl bed. She nodded, raising for your hand. You grabbed as she jumped off the bed. She'd taken to jumping off of things recently.

"Let's brush teeth," She said, pointing to her bathroom. You nodded, waddling next to her towards her bathroom. Putting a hand over your stomach, you helped Cam up onto her stool so she could brush her teeth. You watched as she slowly brushed her teeth with her special bubble guppies toothpaste. You smiled as she washed her hands and turned the sink off and held her hands out. You handed her a towel and she wiped her face and dried her hands.

"Let's get dressed?" You asked her. She nodded, reaching for your hand once again. She held it as you walked to her closet. She pulled her dress from the hanger and handed it to you. You smiled at the dress Grayson had bought her just for the occasion and waddled to her bed as she grabbed a pair of socks.

"Mommy, did the baby wake up yet?" She asked you as you helped her pull the dress over her head. You smiled. "Baby?" She asked, putting both hands against your stomach.

"The baby wakes up with me, love," You told her, pulling her onto your lap and bent over to pull on her socks.

"Hey, hey," Grayson said, walking into his daughter's room. You looked up and he frowned at you. "What'd I say about bending over?" He asked, walking over to you and pulling Cameron off of you.

"Daddy!" She yelled as he lifted her up. You smiled as she stuck out her foot for you to put her sock on. Sitting up straight, you rolled on Cameron's socks. "First day of school daddy!" She exclaimed, looking at him. He nodded.

"I know, angel, are you excited?" He asked her. She nodded, kissing him on the cheek. You smiled as Grayson helped you up. "It's only half-day, yeah?" Grayson asked you. You nodded, hand in his as you walked down the stairs.

"You get breakfast, I'll brush her hair," You said, as Grayson put his daughter on the floor. She ran to the counter where she'd left her brush last night and brought it to you. "Don't you want a hair tie?" You asked her. She shook her head and led you to the couch.

As soon as you sat down, she stood in front of you so you could brush her hair. "I want long hair one day," She told you. You smiled.

"Then you're gonna have to eat all your green veggies," You told her with a smile. She turned back at you and frowned.

"I'm making hard-boiled eggs," Grayson shouted at you from the kitchen. You smiled.

"You don't make eggs, hun, chickens do," You said as you brushed back Cameron's hair for the last time. She turned around laughing.

"Daddy's a chicken!" She exclaimed, running into the kitchen. You sighed, leaning back into the couch.

"Gray," You said, a hand over your stomach. You watched Grayson emerge from the kitchen, putting a bowl on the kitchen table and helping Cameron into a chair.

"Need some help?" He asked, as you tried to push you and the 8-month-old baby off of the couch. He chuckled, making his way over and pulling you to your feet. "There you go," He said, pressing his lips to yours. You smiled, pulling away.

"Done!" Cameron yelled. You turned to see her staring inside the bowl.

"Already?" You asked, waddling over. Grayson helped you by placing a hand on your shoulder as you steered yourself to your daughter. "You didn't finish it, sweetie," You said, pointing to the boiled yolk, rolling around in the bowl.

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