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Jaemin sat at the counter, snapping out of a fitful dream for the third time that hour. He was currently trying to not sleep at his night time job. It had been hours since the last person walked through the door, and he couldn't help but feel as if staying awake was rather pointless. Besides, he was supposed to get up early tomorrow for his other job. Just before he could fall asleep once more, two young boys walked into the store. Jaemin found himself surprised when he hear their conversation.

"Jeno, get the yellow one, alright? You know that's my favorite."

This sentence on its own was pretty normal. Except for the fact the boy, Jeno was his name, was the one who was being asked to retrieve the colored object.

Once it was given to Jaemin, he only saw a desaturated gray. At least until he met Jeno's eyes. Then, he was able to see the glint of the smooth yellow along with a shiny silver.

Looking back up to hand over the receipt, Jaemin noticed another male. This one was shorter, that's for sure. He gently held a bouquet of flowers as he sweetly laughed to a sub par joke.

"Thank you". The receipt was pulled out of his hand and the couple walked out of the store with a smile and a wave each.

Jaemin had more than suspected that Jeno was... taken... but hadn't know so. But, as he gazed at the pair's backs Jaemin knew that he wasn't prepared for the pain. Especially as the saturation of the warmly colored flowers faded.

i have a new theme :)also thank you @WerewolfFalcon @augeeSayaraj and @Ptit_Boo for the votes

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i have a new theme :)
also thank you @WerewolfFalcon @augeeSayaraj and @Ptit_Boo for the votes

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