In Trouble..............Ch.3

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Aple did her regular routine the whole day.She didn't see Evan once today and Aple sighed with relief.At lunch Aple couldn't eat with the fighting,the slutty ass La Mira,Evan,and the fact that she got detention.At period 8 gym Aple barely participated in dodge ball and her favorite sport Volley ball.After school Aple was still there at school to serve her jail time at detention with Mrs.Ferial,the Language Arts teacher.There Aple was, in the Detention room sitting all the way in the back looking pissed as ever.Aple examined the room looking at everything.Then across the room was Evan,Evan the guy I just met.Aple's eyes widen as she wondered why Evan was there.Evan turned around to look at the time and suddenly got his eyes fixed on Aple.Aple quickly pretended like she didn't see him by playing with her pencil.Embarrassed and blushing ,Aple felt stupid and weird,a girl playing with her pencil.Aple felt as if she was a major dumb ass.Aple slapped herself on her forehand,that was loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Miss.Aple Louise may I serve you another detention for disruppting my dentention class???"

"I am in totally deep shit now....."Aple whispered to herself.

TO BE CONTINUED.......................

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