Chapter 34- uber

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This contains cussing and homophobic slurs

Zach's POV
Jack and I got into our Uber. The boys left a couple minutes ago. In the car we cuddle and hold hands. We see the Uber looking at us disgusted. We just ignored him.
"Can you guys not?" Our Uber said in a rude tone.
"What are we doing wrong?" Jack asked.
"You guys are being gross. Don't do that my car." The guy scoffed.
"Fags" he whispers.
"What did you just say?!" Jack raised his voice.
"I called you guys Fags. Because you are." He says.
"Shut the fuck up before I report you to to the head authority's of Uber!" Jacks says.
"Do it! I dare you too bitch!" The man said.
I could see Jacks face get red with anger.
The man pulled over.
"Get out of my car you fucking bitch. And you too you gay ass hoe." He said looking at me.
We get out of the car and Jack spits on it. The man flips us off and drives away.
"Well, that was different." I say surprised at what I just saw.
Jack pulls out his phone and gives the guy a 1 star. He also contacted the head people of Uber.
"How far away is the place we are going to?" I ask.
"It's only half a mile. We can walk it." He says.
He grabs my hand and we start walking.
We arrive at a nice hotel. It's super fancy.
"Wow. This is so fancy." I say in amazement.
"I know right!"
We walk in and get checked in into our room. I start walking through it. It has a pool table, hot tub, projecter, balcony, kitchen, and many other things.
"It's so pretty." I say.
Jack nods in agreement.
We walk to the bedroom and I see a giant king size bed. I go over to it and start jumping.
"Woohoo!!" I say.
"You are such a little kid Zach" Jack laughs.
After a while of jumping we sit down next to each other and cuddle. We start watching Stranger things.

After a while I get really hungry.
"Jack, I'm hungry" I say.
"Same. Let's postmate some food"
I nod.
We order our food and wait for it. I got some sushi and so did Jack.
We then hear a knock in the door.
"I'll go get it" Jack says and gets up from the bed.
I sit up on the bed and wait for Jack. He comes it with two bags of food.
I pull out my food and we eat our food.
"Oh my god this is so good" I say.
"I know right!"
We stuff our faces with the food.
After eating we got some froyo to eat.
We finished that and layed back down and cuddled some more.
Entangled together we watched the last episode of stranger things.
The end of it finished and we were just cuddled more. "I love you Jack" I say.
"I love you to Zachy"
I cuddle into him even closer if that's even possible.
"Thankyou" I say.
"Of course. Anything for my princess"
I giggle at the name and we fall asleep.

Some Jachary fluff. I got rejected by my crush today which was fun. Honestly I don't care. It just feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders finally. Hope you guys had a good day. Love you all

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