Mysterious People Arrive

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*its the Day after Dominick gave The pups a surprise of a lifetime and Dominick was up from his bed, getting ready for another hot day in Adventure Bay.
Dominick: Ahh what a nice morning time to start another day right!!!
*Dominck leaves his room gets dressed to wake up all the pups usually Chase is the first person up, but since he had a great time. At the Game and cuddled with Skye, he wasn't to wake up first.
With that, Chase and Skye bangs there head on the roof of the puphouse.
Chase and Skye: Ow!!!
Dominick: Whoa are you guys ok???
Skye: Yea I'm fine and so is My Chasey
Chase: *Blushing* aw thanks Skye, but my head still hurts.
Dominick it'll be ok Chase it's time for breakfast.
Marshall: Huh we missed breakfast???
Everest: No we didn't my Marshy
Rubble: Wait we missed breakfast?!?!
Dominick: No no no you didn't. Also We are gonna have a great day today guys, Tracker is coming today to sleepover with us because Carlos went to go see his family for 2 Weeks.
Zuma: Cool Dude today is gonna be Pawsome day!!
Rocky: I know Zuma it will.
Then Ryder calls the pups.
Ryder: Pups, Breakfast is ready!!!
Rubble: Race you guys there.
Zuma: Oh you are on Wubble Dude.
*As everyone raced it Marshall tripped over everyone and got to the kitchen first.
Chase: Marshall...
Marshall: Now that's the way to start the Morning right!!!
*Dominick laughs and then he sees Tracker coming in.
Tracker: Hola Dominick!!
Dominick: Hey Tracker everyone is inside eating Breakfast.
Tracker: Ok sounds good I'll go in and say hi
*Just before Tracker was going in I turn to see a Corvette coming in to the Lookout with the colors of Black,White ,and Red, And had the letters OC and the words "The Only Club that matters" on it.
Dominick: *With a shocked look on his face* Oh no, you have got to be kidding me.
Tracker Who is that Dominick????
Dominick: It's The OC they are one of the top teams in the WWE Tracker, they are the United States Champion AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, And Karl Anderson.
Tracker: Oy oy oy this can't be good
Dominick: It's really not, Tracker warn everyone at about them.
Tracker: Ok Dominick I'm All Ears!!!
*Dominick focus now on The OC as they get out of the car

This is alright a crazy start to the story Why are they here, what made them come here tune in the next chapter to find out.

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