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The guy who approached Aple told Aple his name as he whispered it to her ear.

"My name is Evan,Evan James Goldrick." Aple showed herself and replied

"My name is Aple,Aple Louise.Nice to meet you ,I guess??"Evan smiled at Aple and got one hand out offering to help her up.Aple grabbed his hand and felt her heart beat fast and she immediately released and she fell on the edge of the sidewalk holding her chest,blushing,and taking deep breathes."Ummmm,sorry did I mention I'm clumsy."Evan smiled and answered

"Now that you mention it ,I'm clumsy too and you don't need to be sorry it's fine,really."Evan and Aple began walking and they had a conversation about who they are and what they do and what school they go to.Aple couldn't believe it when Evan said Richfield Highschool,they were both in the same school.

"What!I'm in the same highschool too."They both got to the school and saw La Mira the meanest ass you"ll ever meet.

"Hey Evan!!!Who the hell is she???She is totally out of your league come hang out with us instead of that slutty ass!" La Mira announced.Aple ignored La Mira as if she was a speck of dust and kept walking,rolling her eyes,holding her books all the way to her Homeroom.Aple said to herself,"What a mother ass from hell I hope I can just put a sock in her slutty mouth!!!"

"Ahem!!!Aple Louise,This is a school not a "Cursing Festival" and please get to your Homeroom!Oh,didI mentionyou got detention!Now get to your class Aple." The Vice Principle shouted

"Damn I already got myself in trouble."Aple said to herself in her mind as she quickly walked to her Hoomroom.

~ !RING!~

TO BE CONTINUED.......................

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