Chapter Five

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I found myself in a house. It wasn't Mitchell and Agatha's house. It was a small cottage that had a second floor and it was surrounded by tons and tons of beautiful plants. When I smelled the air, I smelled the sweet scent of honeysuckle. I was in a bedroom, a little boy's bedroom. I could tell because the room had a sports theme. There was a baseball bed set, as in baseball comforter and pillows. There was a football lamp sitting on a dresser that was decorated with football stickers. And to top it off there was a soccer ball rug on the floor and the border of the room was all kinds of sports.

I opened the door and walked out of the room to find myself in a hallway and at the end of the hallway, was a staircase that descended downstairs. I walked down the stairs to find myself in a living room. There was a man sitting in a chair reading a newspaper, a woman sitting in a rocking chair with a magazine, and a little boy playing with a football. The strange thing was, that boy looked a lot like David.

I walked over to the boy and knelt down beside him. He didn't look any older than five years old. He threw the football and it hit the wall.

"David I told you no throwing the ball in the house." The man said.

"Your father's right David, you could get hurt or break something." said the woman. David went and got the ball and sat back down.

"Sorry mommy. Sorry daddy." David said. The boy was David and the two adults were his parents. They don't seem like they can see me or they would have showed some sign that they knew I was here.

Before I could do anything else, the front door burst open and a bunch of adlets came in followed by a two scientists. The adlets grabbed David and took him outside where a van was waiting. David's parents jumped up and tried to go after him, but the scientists stopped them.

"We are taking your son for research and experimentation." said the first scientist that was holding up a document that gave them permission to take David. David's dad took the paper and looked it over, hoping to find some sign of the document being fake, but there was none. David's mom put her hand over her mouth and started to sob.

"You can't just come in here and take our son away from us!" yelled David's dad.

"According to this document, we can." said the other scientist. David's mother was crying and sitting in the chair while rocking back and forth. David's dad shoved the document back into the scientist's hand, and then he tried to run outside towards David, who was screaming and crying for his parents. Two adlets blocked the van, while another one grabbed David's dad by the arm and took him back in the house.

"We have what we need and we hope to see you soon." The first scientist said, before walking out with the adlets and other scientist.

Then the whole scene changed and I was in the woods at night. I looked around and saw nothing, but trees. Then I heard the sound of running and growling. David ran right past me, followed by four adlets. I ran and tried to keep up with David.

He looked older, about my age in fact. He was wearing his ring and was running with incredible speed. He must have already been experimented with. David looked over his shoulder to see the adlets gaining speed. Then he put his hand towards the adlets and instantly, a white barrier came up, protecting him from the adlets.

The adlets ran right into it making, both, me and David laugh. David kept running until he came to a house that I recognized as Mitchell and Agatha's. David ran up to the front door and pounded on the door.

"Help! Is someone there?! Please help me!" David yelled. Agatha came to the door and looked at him then led him inside.

The scene changed again and I saw David who was walking along a dirt road. He looked like he was eleven years old now and he came up to a house, that I recognized as his house where he was taken.

Instead of going inside, though, David went up to a window and looked inside. I did the same, so I could see what he was looking at. I looked inside and saw David's mom and dad in the living room holding a newborn baby that I believed to be his baby sister and she was wrapped in a pink blanket. They were smiling at the baby. I looked at David and saw himself getting teary eyed.

Then it was like déjà vu. Two different scientists with two adlets kicked the door open and came inside, showing them the exact same document as before. This time David's mother ran upstairs with the baby, while David's dad tried to stall the scientists and adlets with a hand gun that he pulled out of his pocket.

David went to the side of the house and climbed up a tree to see inside the room, which his mother was in. I did the same and saw his mother holding the baby girl protectively to her chest. David and I watched as an adlet and scientist bust down the door and cornered his mom and baby sister.

"No! You already took David! You can't have Luna!" his mom said. Wait a minute. Luna, as in me? I was the baby in that room? That means that I'm David's sister.

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